Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday night--time to cook---slowly!

I have time tonight to cook something ---good for me and something g to be savoured. NO need to rush--no need to worry about doing anything but--indulge myself. Pre-bariatric surgery days that would have meant a huge greasy meal of takeaways and then the accompanying feelings of guilt and yet more weight on my 'shouldn't be fat frame!' I was born little and didn't get fat until well into my 40s.
Now that I have achieved  a weight that even the surgeon didn't think I would arrive at---well---it's a matter of maintaining my 'new me.' This is an example of what I can eat now (15 months post-surgery), especially when I take the time to 'prepare' a meal. Damn, I love Friday nights. Can't ya feel a song coming on?
About a month or so ago I brought a whole fillet roast. It was about 800gms and cost around NZ$20. Expensive you say. NO---not at all---because I had the nice Aussie Butcher guys at Mt Roskill slice it into about 14 pieces of succulent eye-fillet steak. For me, that is 14 meals. Now work out the cost of a meal for me--cheap eh.
Tonight I took a few pieces of the free-flowed frozen steak and let them defrost in a small plastic bag with a mixture of soy, chilli and balsamic vinegar. While that was happening, I opened a bottle of Chardonnay and prepared a sauce. I sliced two red onions and let them gently fry in some oil and then added a handful of raisins, some more chilly flakes and some of the chardonnay. I let it all caramelize then added parsley. I added my small steaks and let them simmer--sounds a bit like a stew but its more like brazing, I think. The steak became tender, because I let it do its thing for about 30 minutes on a low heat.
I don't bother with rice, or potatoes very much now--I seem to have changed and if I feel like the latter--I have them--but just a bit. I am so happy that I have broken the habit of carb-loading!
The result of my patience and two glasses of wine? Pure heaven. The sauce and the meltingly beautiful steak is made for a king---or queen--take your pick. Once again, for me it is a case of 'less is more.' I left the rest for my partner---NO---I wont be tempted to have 'seconds,' because I have some ice-cream for later. Yes I can! God---I love Friday nights.