Sunday, April 21, 2013

Losing 21Kgs and having a crappy 'garage sale,' most definitely has an 'up-side.'

Yeah the garage sale (maybe you call them 'yard sales' in the USA?) was a flop, but eh SPCA gained as we gave them everything left and that was a lot.
Having lost 21Kgs since the pre-surgery and post-surgery phase (day 18 since operation now) means that I have had to look at my wardrobe. Hidden in the darkest recesses of the said  space in my house were many items that I have never worn. Do you know the ones? I brought them in the past saying--' If I lose weight they will fit me!' Of course they never did. All I did was put weight on! The said items aren't so old that they had the old currency (pre-1967!) but there were some oldies but goodies. Neither were they the 'flared' items from the 70's. Most had been brought in the last 6 years and many had their price tags on. If anything, I was surprised at the prices. Clothes are cheaper now. (Thanks, China).
I had stored some in the shed in bins and when I rescued them, I noticed a distinctly musty smell. I thought---hell I can't sell these, so I washed them. In the meantime the garage sale went ahead with its disastrous results. Now that I have hung them up and examined them more closely, I realize that I can wear half of them and the rest are not far off from decorating my 'slimmer me.' There must be at least 40 items of various sorts that I can realistically wear, now or soon. I am so glad I didn't throw them away. I don't care if they are not 'fashionable,' as anyone who knows me would not call me a 'follower of fashion.' OK, I admit it, I am a scruffy bugger and didn't usually give a stuff about what anyone thought. Bugger--what will I do now? Will I really have to 'dress up a bit? I think I am in for a few bouts of teasing when I 'return to the world of work.' Bring it on my dears! I won't be 'fashionable,' but I will be--well---less of a scruff.

Afghan interpreters are most welcome in New Zealand.

New Zealand has rightly welcomed the Afghan interpreters and their families. This signals the end of New Zealand's involvement in the tragedy that is Afghanistan. The sad fact remains that much of the good work; that is reconstruction, will become null and void once all foreign 'help' has left Afghanistan.
The interpreters did much to smooth the way for our boys and girls in uniform and put themselves at risk by doing so. If NZ had not brought them back to NZ then it would not have been long before the 'Mediaeval' Taliban would have killed them and their families.
We should now 'smooth the way' for this group in return and include them as part of us, the wider New Zealand family. Their time of  watching over their backs is at an end.
Now, my Afghan friends, wherever you settle; take advantage of everything that New Zealand offers in the form of education, health care and employment. You have earned your new start in our little country at the bottom of the earth or as we like to be called---'Middle Earth.' Just remember, we are not 'hobbits.' The Land of the Long White Cloud,' Aotearoa is now your home.