Friday, August 9, 2013

There are indeed trolls, facelessly hinding under rocks! Beware young people!

I am most angry at these so called 'trolls' who are using to ply their evil ways. What is it with these 'pond-life' individuals that they feel the need to trawl through the list of contacts on to then 'terrorise'  young people who are terribly vulnerable. That there have been suicides as a results make such creeps guilty of murder. I know that there are those out there who will say that young people should expect what they get by having chosen to 'put themselves out there.' What is different about 'now and the way it used to be' is that everything is so much easier now because of the Net. This is reason enough for parents to find that balance of letting their offspring learn some 'life lessons' and at the need to protect. It shows up the responsibility of the management of to take the big step and explore the possibility 'exposing' these nasty people preying on our young people and walking the road between the right to not being censored and having the right to express oneself.
Let's expose these people!

I'm feelling kinda high! Better read on, I think.

It's over three months since my operation and I'm feeling great. I am heading for the 70's that real retro me look, just 2 kilos to get there. You know what one of the best feelings I have now. It's that feeling I get when I walk. I kind of glide across the pathways as if I'm a hover-craft. Weird you say?Nah----I used to walk up to a few stairs and my brain went up but my body went straight ahead. Yes, I sometimes tripped because of that extra weight I carried. That's a horrible and dangerous feeling. Now, I step up like a healthy but ageing gazelle. I don't 'scuff' when I walk so that means I can sneak up on you and surprise you. Better watch out eh.
Thanks for all the support folks and my best wishes go out to Mel, who has bravely taken the first steps on her journey to a new life.
PS   'Roskill' is only a few days away from being uploaded onto Amazon (Kindle or other Tabs with readers)