Monday, August 4, 2014

Israel and Hamas---what have they achieved?

We have seen more than three weeks of death and destruction, rained upon Gaze by an overwhleming repsonse form Israel. We have seen more than 3000 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza, most missing or getting shot down. We have seen so mnay innocent kids killed and maimed in Gaza becuause they have no way of hiding; even so-called safe zones run by the UN have been hit! There is no winner in this pointless war. Palestinians are being squeezed out of more and more territory they once inhabitted and it seems that Israel has a long term goal to increase that 'expulsion. Israel is htiing back using the justioifaction that they will never be forced out of their 'homeland' and that will always meet force with force--a greater force!They fail to undertsand that for every death they create another enenmy, another 'freedom fighter' or 'terrorists,' depending on your viewpoint. They convenienlty forget that their state was founded on terrorist acts! The region is heading towards a terrible end-game war, one that is only delayed because many of the participants are divided within themelves.Then we have the 'suppliers of weapons and backers of various regimes, all for the purpose of maintaining client states; ones that feed the energy needs and other geo-political purposes. Gievn that scenario, is it any wonder that peace is an ellusive goal? Are we just wating for this conflict to puase before it plays out somewhere else, becuase people are so frustrated with their lot? If you live in Gaza, why would you not have an incredibly negative outlook for the future of your people? Such feelings breed extreme reactions!