Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grow some balls Mr Dunne and do the right thing!

I make no apology for my crude words because I believe that Mr Peter Dunne has the power to stop this crazy policy of the national government to sell our assets. My father, grandfather and many relations strived for many years to build up these assets. Now at the stroke of a pen or by the casting vote of one member, namely Peter Dunne the Government is going to transfer 49% of some valuable State Assets to private (read corporate) ownership.
Peter Dunne has expressed doubt about this policy, yet he continues to support the government. Is he deaf to the protests of his own electorate? Is he blind to the scenes of people lining up to sign the petition, asking for a Citizens’ Referendum on the issue?
I know the Labour Government of the 1980’s was also guilty of the same act and then in their last term of Government did a reversal. Yes they saw the light and now consistently oppose the selling of State Assets.
Watch Parliament at the moment on TV and you will see Labour, The Greens, NZ First, Mana and sometimes the Maori Party fighting to stop this crazy bill passing. So come on Mr Dunne—grow some balls and do the right thing. It may not save you at the next election, but at least we will remember you for finally standing to be counted. Isn’t that better than being remembered for being a lackey of this present Government, or as someone who wanted to keep his snout in the public through for as long as he could?

Bloody shameful NZ! Slavery and explotation

I feel a great shame that New Zealand has been criticised for being a hub (yes a small one) for the sexploitation of some young people, both from NZ itself (mainly young Maori and Pacifica youth) and from Asia.
The UN report tabled by Hilary Clinton draws attention to an unsavoury unwanted fact that we are not lily white when it comes to these two issues. I have already condemned the treatment of workers on fishing boats; an issue that the NZ Government has only just acknowledged and acted upon. Now that we are hearing of young people being coerced (by gangs) into prostitution is shameful. I believe that the practice has probably being evident for longer than we would care to admit.
 Just take a trip down some of our back streets late at night (an even during the day) and you will see evidence of these young people ‘working’ the street. Look further and you will see their ‘protectors, (read minders).
Our Children and Young Services agencies seem to be unable to protect these young people. Short of physically removing them and placing them in a ‘safer’ environment, there is little they can do. Sorting out those ‘workers/slaves’ from the ‘reluctantly willing’ is a huge issue for these agencies.  One would have thought that the NZ Prostitutes Collective would be a source of who is who in this sad industry and then offer real protection where they can.
The gang involvement is the same as that which controls the illicit drugs sold on our streets. The police are fully stretched in all areas of crime--- this is one more area where they need more resources----- not less.
We as NZers have to realize that higher (for some) taxation is needed to fund the battle against these reported practices.

I feel for Melbourne--especially those who left Christchurch.

Many Christchurch residents reached a point t during and after the terrible earthquakes where they could no longer face life in our Southern city. They left for ‘greener and safer fields.’
Melbourne was once such destination. Let’s face it; Melbourne is not known for being anything like the ‘shaky islands’ these friends have left. That they are now experiencing earthquakes in Melbourne must be traumatic for many of them.
It bring home that we cannot take for granted anything in this world. NO place is completely free of disaster, tremors, terrorism or anything else that ‘chance’ throws at us.
Be strong my friends in Melbourne. Our thoughts are with you. Aussie and NZ are united in more ways than you would expect.

Update re new website and books relaunch.

The new website is looking great. Three books will be available soon, two relaunched with new ISBN numbers and covers. They are also being proofread so hopefully they will all be 'cleaner.' Nothing frustrates me more than to discover mistakes each time I pick them up. A really good proofreader is 'golden.' As I write my books, I do not see the mistakes, but they jump out later. I also know that some people seem to delight in pointing out these mistakes, to the poin that they don't realll 'read' the stories, but i do have some sympathy for them--- It's bloody anoying. Hell, I didn't proofread this blog--- lol.
 So--- please be patient my friends and then buy my books when they appear on my website, or fomr Kindle once they are on that.

Mubarak clinically dead?---- but his henchmen---

As I write this, it is being reported that Mubarak is clinically dead, but his henchmen in the form of the Egyptian Military are alive and well. The Egyptian people have long suffered from dictators and they thought that their struggles were bringing about a great change for the better.
The events we witnessed day after day in the ‘square’ may in the end mean nothing. We have seen little evidence that democracy will finally reign in Egypt. The military are intent on keeping power--- that much is clear.
They have too much to lose by handing power over to a civilian Government. Why would they? Relinquishing the bauble of power is just that--- they will not have the means to keep their privileged position.
I feel for the Egyptian people. Just when they were on the verge of having a Parliament directly elected by the people, they have reached an impasse as the Military regime passes laws to blunt progress.
That the new Parliament would probably be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood could be a problem for other nations in the Middle East, namely Israel. One would hope that they would not follow a war mongering future. One would also hope that they would concentrate on bettering the lives of ordinary people.
UPDATE!  News is filtering through that Mubarak is NOT clinically dead and the suspicions is strong that the Military Government is using this to focus attention away from the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood will win the election and that the unease could well be just a subterfuge to deaden the actions the Government will take to avoid such an announcement.
Is this way of focussing the peoples’ attention from real issues something that we are seeing from our NZ Government? Yes, we are not the extremist model as exhibited in Egypt, but some behaviours are common to Governments everywhere. Power corrupts.

National Party---you will not silence the voice of NZers!

The National Government will not silence the voice of NZers. The partial sale of Assets is going to go ahead, even in this patently bad time economically to do this, despite the growing groundswell of public opinion. The Government arrogantly sticks to its plans and is showing that it will do almost anything to discredit those speaking against their plans.
Take for example, John key’s claims that he asked people at the Mystery Creek event and that many had supported him. Yeah right John--- really scientific. He ignores the fact that nearly all polls conducted in far more accepted ways showed massive support for keeping NZ’s assets in our hands--- not the badly named ‘Mom and Pa’ ownership that he proposes.
Now we have Bill English (Minister of ‘Mis-Finance’) going on at the greens because they used Parliamentary funds to get signatures opposing the sales. Does he not get it--- that we don’t want this sales programme to precede? He and others in his party will attempt to stop the discussion, diverts us from the issue--- watch out for some real bleepers in the next few days. I bet they have their back stage boys and girls seeking out targets for attack and spurious ‘facts’ to distort the debate.
There is a fast moving train with the light on full heading their way, and it will connect with public opinion well before the next election in 2014---hopefully it is called  ‘Peter Dunne coming to his senses’ and finally voting against this stupid Government. Do you get the message Peter?  We know Johnny and his cohorts haven’t—yet.

Ronnie Fong----good on ya mate

Ronnie Fong went missing in the Hunua Ranges four days ago. He is now safe and well, much to the relief of his family and for so many of us who have watched this story develop. It is so easy to get lost, have an injury or make a mistake in planning when one enters the New Zealand bush.
We do not have dangerous animals (unless one includes wild boars!) insects, snakes---shall I add crocodiles? Too often we can make a common misjudgement that ‘she’ll be right mate.’ The result--- we unfortunately read sad headlines describing a death of a hiker or trapper and massive amounts of money are spent on a fruitless search. Too many trampers think that our bush is benign and that there are few dangers. They sometimes make a fatal error in not informing the relevant authorities that they are entering the bush; often not even including their friends.
Not taking adequate preparations would be the main issue causing these unnecessary tragedies. Lack of planning, all-weather clothing, and food, water (yes, sometimes the water in our streams is not as ‘clean and green’ as we would wish) can kill. Going in alone poses its own risks but if planning and people knowing are in place, then the risks are lessened. Ronnie ticked the boxes well.
His relentless desire to not give in is bloody legend. Yes he is a fit and well- prepared man, and many in his position would have failed and their families would not have had the happy reunion we read about in today’s papers. Ronnie--- I hope you tell your story in more detail. It is a salutary lesson for us all. Well done and get back in ‘there’ when you can.  Go well.