Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Update re new website and books relaunch.

The new website is looking great. Three books will be available soon, two relaunched with new ISBN numbers and covers. They are also being proofread so hopefully they will all be 'cleaner.' Nothing frustrates me more than to discover mistakes each time I pick them up. A really good proofreader is 'golden.' As I write my books, I do not see the mistakes, but they jump out later. I also know that some people seem to delight in pointing out these mistakes, to the poin that they don't realll 'read' the stories, but i do have some sympathy for them--- It's bloody anoying. Hell, I didn't proofread this blog--- lol.
 So--- please be patient my friends and then buy my books when they appear on my website, or fomr Kindle once they are on that.

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