Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grow some balls Mr Dunne and do the right thing!

I make no apology for my crude words because I believe that Mr Peter Dunne has the power to stop this crazy policy of the national government to sell our assets. My father, grandfather and many relations strived for many years to build up these assets. Now at the stroke of a pen or by the casting vote of one member, namely Peter Dunne the Government is going to transfer 49% of some valuable State Assets to private (read corporate) ownership.
Peter Dunne has expressed doubt about this policy, yet he continues to support the government. Is he deaf to the protests of his own electorate? Is he blind to the scenes of people lining up to sign the petition, asking for a Citizens’ Referendum on the issue?
I know the Labour Government of the 1980’s was also guilty of the same act and then in their last term of Government did a reversal. Yes they saw the light and now consistently oppose the selling of State Assets.
Watch Parliament at the moment on TV and you will see Labour, The Greens, NZ First, Mana and sometimes the Maori Party fighting to stop this crazy bill passing. So come on Mr Dunne—grow some balls and do the right thing. It may not save you at the next election, but at least we will remember you for finally standing to be counted. Isn’t that better than being remembered for being a lackey of this present Government, or as someone who wanted to keep his snout in the public through for as long as he could?

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