Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Yes, I really think that China has blocked me. I have had no hits for at least 10 days and that is significant. I may be wrong, but it is a worry if it is true. It's not as if I have been writing politically sensistive blogs about China, although I could. Hell, even Russia hasn't banned me and I have been writing heaps of shite about them. Maybe Mr Putin likes my blogs because they invite him to be 'nice.' LOL. Oh well, maybe China will return to the real world soon.

This election has been stolen because we have not had enough about the real issues!

Of course this election has been stolen. One can imagine all sorts of ‘conspiracy theories’ as to why and by whom. One can see that it well be to certain ‘player’ advantage for this to be so. One can see that all the kerfuffle over the various sideshows could act as a back-fire that advantages the present ‘regime,’ just as those on the opposite side(s) could put an argument forward that the PM has been the victim. The latter doesn’t sit well with me though. My list of sideshows include, the battle for Hone to stay in Parliament, the KDC fiasco in all of its settings and ramifications, the Dirty Politics and the resulting stage shows which no doubt figure very highly for a large number of people but simply drive some voters into the arms of a willing Key, and some local issues that have made it to the ‘main-stage,’ of nationwide politics. Has it always been like this---have past elections had the same ‘nasty underlying themes?’ I think that this time around, the ‘backing themes have dominated, pushing real debate the issue that matter at least as much or even more so, to het place where they have not figured as they should. The issues around health, education and jobs have been ‘bit players,’ and that is not how it should be. NZers need to have had a full and open debate about these, but one has the feeling that they have just been add-ons as the dirt is shoved around from player to player with many imports having their say too. Yes, these issues are important, but if they have played their parts and influenced a non-listening public, then maybe they should have been a distant ‘also ran.’ I guess the real poll on Saturday will reveal just how much.