Saturday, October 5, 2013

An experiment with my solar oven.

OK, so I have been really patient, trying to get my solar oven to reach temperatures consistently above 100c. It feels like it is just not going to happen then I realise that the day time temperatures have hardly hit 20c for more than four hours in Auckland. That means cooking meat is out of the question. hell, I don't want to kill anyone, especially me!
What to do? Bright idea! My mate, Martin gave some Bay leaves form his huge tree. I had read that drying such things is [possible at anything over 60c so guess what---yip, I am now dying a batch, a small one to start and it will work. I shall then ask for more and batch them up in little click-bags and sell them for $1. I better give Martin a cut and hey--- all those herbs I waste from my garden can go the same way and the energy won't cost a cent. Still--- I am going to need to sell a shit load of herbs etc. to even make a dent in the $200 it cost to buy my little solar oven. Jeeze, I'm a sucker for these things eh! I'm sure there's  book in this---ya reckon!

My first 'drying experiment. Hell, I have to try something.

There was something on the pathway. Cornwall Park has a past and a 'presence.'

As we wandered through the pathways in Cornwall Park, the big beautiful reserve that Aucklanders so love, we came across three little lambs sitting quietly as their mum watched on. Perdy strained at her lead, wanting to go and investigate. Of course I was not about to let her off, knowing her propensity to chase anything that moves and these 'objects' of her attention looked very much like some of her toys and from expensive experience I know that they do not last long when she gets her teeth into them.
Head Momma bleated and the lambs ran off, one though taking a curious look at Perdy. Maybe she wanted to play. I pulled her back and we continued on our way. Jack Russells hate to be constrained too often. they prefer the freedom of running, exploring, chasing and creating mayhem. That is not possible in the inner city parks, so the leads the rule.
We came across a water feature and Perdy delighted in running along the wall and drinking the cooling waters. It seems that at every turn there is a different vista in the park and it is possible to spend a few hours there seeking out all the corners and niches. Whether you want to play ball, run, relax under a tree or picnic with your friends, Cornwall Park never seems too crowded; all this just a short distance from the centre of Auckland. Governor Grey did well leaving this park to us, although some of the original people  (Tangata Whenua) may take umbrage at this. After all, it was Grey who launched the invasion on the People of the Waikato in the 1860s.
Just think about the history of this place as you wander through the peaceful glades and wide open green areas but take strength from the fresh air and the views from the higher points. Cornwall Park; a true treasure and a Jack Russell's delight.

We came across these little packages of mischief
Just taking a break.