Saturday, October 5, 2013

An experiment with my solar oven.

OK, so I have been really patient, trying to get my solar oven to reach temperatures consistently above 100c. It feels like it is just not going to happen then I realise that the day time temperatures have hardly hit 20c for more than four hours in Auckland. That means cooking meat is out of the question. hell, I don't want to kill anyone, especially me!
What to do? Bright idea! My mate, Martin gave some Bay leaves form his huge tree. I had read that drying such things is [possible at anything over 60c so guess what---yip, I am now dying a batch, a small one to start and it will work. I shall then ask for more and batch them up in little click-bags and sell them for $1. I better give Martin a cut and hey--- all those herbs I waste from my garden can go the same way and the energy won't cost a cent. Still--- I am going to need to sell a shit load of herbs etc. to even make a dent in the $200 it cost to buy my little solar oven. Jeeze, I'm a sucker for these things eh! I'm sure there's  book in this---ya reckon!

My first 'drying experiment. Hell, I have to try something.

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