Monday, October 7, 2013

'Talk To Me' will be joining 'Roskill' on Kindle soon.

Yesterday while I was tripping around the Bay of Plenty, I received the files for TALK TO ME that my hard working editor, Stephen Stratford has been working on.  As usual he has produced a clean and well-worked result. My job is to now go through it and then send it on to Mary Egan for the finishing touches and preparation for uploading onto Kindle. I wish that I had these two people behind me when I started this self-publishing journey. The money spent saves so much angst. Then again, the learning curve for me over the last few years has been huge and despite the pain and expense associated with that, I think I have emerged the better for it. I have two further books that will go through the same process, one of them a massive historical fiction 'epic' about three 'survivors of the Orpheus wreck in the 1860s.
Thanks for downloading (not many yet though) ROSKILL and watch out for my launch of  TALK TO ME in the next month or so. I shall stick up some advertising and a synopsis soon. We are also exploring the possibility of purchasing hard copy version on Amazon, as they are reworked.

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