Sunday, January 19, 2014

Al Jazeera reports Putin's causitic comments!

When a leader of one of the world's most powerful nations comments that 'homosexuals can be equated with paedophilia,' then one has to wonder at other aspects of his thinking. That he says that gays should have no fear when they visit Russia during the upcoming Olympics is just a temporary phase re the treatment he would like to 'serve' to gays. No doubt many gay athletes will send him a message when  they compete at the games; one that he will not hear and hopefully one that will not rebound on them. We expect much more from this proud nation; not something more akin, albeit  on a lesser scale, than what we are witnessing in Nigeria and other parts of the world where being gay can attract long sentences in prison.
Mr Putin; we all know you love power, but must it be at the cost of human dignity and the marginalization of a significant portion of the population!? Must Russia always suffer at the hands of  'power-hungry-at-all-costs' politicians, where every opponent is somehow made to 'disappear, be fired, or imprisoned? We can do little about the ignorant policies followed by despotic leaders in 'developing nations,' but one expects so much more from a leader of a country that stands so highly in  so many aspects of cultural achievements. Russians will unfortunately be bullied into accepting his stance!

I had withdrawal symptons---not having a computer for over a week!

Yes, it's true, I felt like a teenager being punished for over-use of the computer or not putting pout the rubbish, cleaning my room or some other 'parent-imagined' misdemeanour. I did try to put up a few blogs using my trusty cell phone, but that was so slow. Mind you, it didn't help that my website had been down because the 'bandwidth' has been exceeded. I have been told by my website host that the site was hacked by sources in Russia and China. Maybe I pissed off some Russian woman for not responding to her efforts to 'meet' online (like they hadn't worked out that I play for the other team!') or perhaps Mr Putin ordered the remnants of the KGB to deal to me for making anti-Putin statements. Hell, can't he give me the same dispensation that he has given Gays during the Olympics! We all know the tender loving gloves will be off once that is all over. God knows who did the deed from China! I suppose I should be thankful that it wasn't from Nigeria but they are way too busy at the moment with 'issues 'of their own in that wonderful country!
 I have been absent form Facebook too and that has taken a different toll on my psyche. I have missed reading about what you have all been up to. Yes, I did have limited access but the people I read so much about on FB have not come through. Oh well, I am back now and love me or hate me,----I have returned---big time. Now I shall get back into pushing the Kindle and my books.