Thursday, August 7, 2014

Putin continues to dig a huge hole for himself and Russia.

Putin is showing all the signs of a desperate leader; one who knows that he unable to stand up against the EU and the USA. His economy is nose-diving as the sanctions against Russia take hold. His intimidation of Ukraine and the backing of the 'separatists' is unravelling as the world sees them for what they are---terrorists, acting on behalf of the aspiraitons of Putin. Sure the Government in Kiev is not exactly a model for democracy and open Government, but it is showing some resiliance to the pressure Putin's thugs are putting on it. The Russian economy is totally dependant on selling to the 'energy needs' of Europe and China. Without that income flow, the Russian economy would collapse within months. It may indeed be aproaching that point, making Putin even more dangerous as he tries to hold onto power. He will revert to previous 'failed Soviet' strategies; ones which invlove invading other territories, not disimilar to the policies of colonial Europe from the past. In the meantime the Russian debt climbs. Some have suggested that Russia is now a 'vassal state' to China and given the deal made recently re supplying China with oil and gas at a price that is barely at 'break-even ' point, then it doesn't take much to make the leap towards seeing Russia as being a 'yesterday power.' The problem is that it is led by a man who does not see beyond his own distorted view of reality.' Any oppostion to Putin within Russia can expect a reaction that is rapidly approaching those of his predecessors. Will Russia ever throw off that age-old tendancy to be ruled by despots? Will it's people ever have real freedom? Oh well---it does tend to be the catalist for some of the best literature, music and art that the world has ever seen. It seems that 'suffering' is the stimulus to a certain 'Russian beauty.' Mr Putin---please retire to one of your many dachas! But then again--who would take your place?--another oligarch!

Lost my phone, somewhere in the 'cosmos' that is my home!

OK---I am sure you have all experienced it. It is the scourge of today's life. Yes we all depend far more than we would like to admit on----our cell phones. Today of all days---when I really need it at work, both for my 'professional' needs and for a game we are playing last period, where the students are going to be hooking onto various sites in order to complete a game we are taking part in, school-wide.' Yes our school is well and truly in the digital age. I shall spare you the details but suffice it to say that without my 'smart arse'phone I am going to have to rely on the students and their phones. No big deal because I wasn't up to speed any way. Right, I can hear some of you saying--'why didn't you ring the cell phone while you were at home, using the land line---it would ring eh? Great except that the last thing I did last night before retiring was to stick it on silence. Then, when I arose this morning, I stuck it somewhere--I suspect it may have dropped into some dark recess on the lounge suite. It was not until this morning that I realized I did not have it---and that was when I arrived at work. NO---I am not going all 24 kilometres home in order to find it---no---it will be a frustratingly 'yesteryear' reminder of what life used to be before we became so heavilly dependant on that little contractions we call a cell phone or our link to the world. Please let the day go speedilly and yes, I can't be stuffed spell-checking this blog. My whole day is out! Right now---back to task---I shall have to actually do things a little differently today! Maybe we should all have ONE official 'cell-phone free day,' once a year! That's my way of suggesting that you share the 'pain.!'