Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lost my phone, somewhere in the 'cosmos' that is my home!

OK---I am sure you have all experienced it. It is the scourge of today's life. Yes we all depend far more than we would like to admit on----our cell phones. Today of all days---when I really need it at work, both for my 'professional' needs and for a game we are playing last period, where the students are going to be hooking onto various sites in order to complete a game we are taking part in, school-wide.' Yes our school is well and truly in the digital age. I shall spare you the details but suffice it to say that without my 'smart arse'phone I am going to have to rely on the students and their phones. No big deal because I wasn't up to speed any way. Right, I can hear some of you saying--'why didn't you ring the cell phone while you were at home, using the land line---it would ring eh? Great except that the last thing I did last night before retiring was to stick it on silence. Then, when I arose this morning, I stuck it somewhere--I suspect it may have dropped into some dark recess on the lounge suite. It was not until this morning that I realized I did not have it---and that was when I arrived at work. NO---I am not going all 24 kilometres home in order to find it---no---it will be a frustratingly 'yesteryear' reminder of what life used to be before we became so heavilly dependant on that little contractions we call a cell phone or our link to the world. Please let the day go speedilly and yes, I can't be stuffed spell-checking this blog. My whole day is out! Right now---back to task---I shall have to actually do things a little differently today! Maybe we should all have ONE official 'cell-phone free day,' once a year! That's my way of suggesting that you share the 'pain.!'

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