Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kim Dotcom--a message from NZers. WE don't need yourt style of politics!

For quite sometime I have been critical of KDC, despite there being some issues that he raised that also caused disquiet. Yes, he brought attention to the manner in which our security forces operate but if it were not for his 'money,' we would probably not have had quite the same attention being focussed upon him. There are many other NZers who do not posses the largess that he displays or who do not have the leverage he brings---so they do not have their stories aired. I then felt more discomfort when he allied himself to Laille and Hone and tried to place himself on the 'radical left' of NZ politics. He can not of course stand for Parliament so he basically brought a political movement and many flocked to his standard in the belief that he stands for something 'good.' Well today we see the real KDC and the aspiring politicians who have jumped on his band-wagon must be wondering at the ride he is providing. That he gets up on stage and encourages the chanting hate-filled mindless screaming directed at the PM (You should know by now that I am NOT a supporter of John Key) is something we have not seen before in NZ. Those crazed wannabe supporters have latched onto something that seems more like a 'party' a long way from us, in a time gone by, that took the world to war, with its Brown shirted ignorant supporters acting at the slightest whim of their leader. How much thought are these modern day rabble who screech out their venom really thinking? If the 'episode was merely to beat up some steam at a political rally, not aimed at the media, I guess I could understand, but when the powers within the party then placed that 'outburst of stupidity online, for the world to see, then it becomes something else; something very ugly and not needed in NZ. Yes, let's have debate and policies (much of what the Internet/Mana Party says is not far from how I think, but to act in the way we are seeing is simply wrong; from a moral point of view and also in a pragmatic way. Can KDC not see that he has simply played into JK's hands by this behaviour. All he has achieved is to drive many wavering voters-- back into the Key camp. If they were swinging---they are not now. KDC--you have made an epic mistake! Hone and Laille---you have misjudged who you should ally yourself to and I very much doubt that you are going to get much leverage from this! What are you going to do to distance yourself from this megalomaniac man! Laille, you took umbrage at the way Key spoke about you and I will not repeat HIS absurdity, but I find it hard to reconcile your fine upstanding way of looking after the working people of NZ with being in league with this man who is only in this for HIMESLF! You have some explaining to do, if you wish to retain any credibility.

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