Thursday, December 20, 2012

So it's the last day of the world!

Here we go again. Once you hit 60 plus you can probably say you have survived at least a dozen or so ‘end of the world’ experiences. The most vivid for me was in my distant childhood. I well remember listening to the radio in the kitchen on the farm in Taranaki. Mum was talking about the ‘crazies’ who were driving up Mount Egmont (we didn’t’ call the Taranaki then). Apparently they were trying to avoid the ‘flood.’

My mum was quite religious but that didn’t stop her from preparing a good old fashioned roast dinner. Maybe she thought we should have a nice meal before the ‘main event.’ Either way, I don’t remember her as being anything more than calm.

Now, it’s not as if I am disrespecting the Mayans, but don’t you think the hype has been more from the media and various other groups. What have we heard from the descendants of the Mayans? I wish the news reports would focus a bit more on modern day Mayans and see what preparations they are making. Maybe I should search that out on the Net.

What am I going to do on this most auspicious of days? I am just going to go about my normal stuff, in as much as one can be normal a few days before Xmas. Damn, those Mayans could have picked am more convenient time for end of the world.

Just one more thought: Do we get an extra 12 or so hours here in New Zealand, because it is already the 21st here? OK, if I have been terribly wrong, I shall write an apology.  Happy endings, folks.