Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hi Ya South Korea!

It's so good to see South Korea, the land of Hyundai, Samsung and lots of other fabulous products. I would say that of course or you would be judging me for my decision to buy so mnay Korean Producst. My phone, computer, TV and car are all made in SK. I am most satisfied with  them all. Bring it on I say. However, I just can'r get into that Gangnam style. OK, I admire anyone who can be so sucessful. Now show us some more SK (note, I don't say the same for your nutcase neighbours to the North) music. NOw all I need is some great Korean food. Luckily, we have many Korenas living in NZ, so that's also easy to get. SWelcome, South Korea.

If Brendan Horan is guilty of the reported deeds he-----

Brendan Horan is facing serious credibility issues. If the actions reported in the media are correct, then he must step down and vacate his seat in Parliament. Winston Peters is no fool and if he believes that Mr Horan has gone a few steps too far, then the 'smoke must have substance.'
I do not know why the leglsilation in Parliamnet that went under a 'Sunset clause' was framed in that manner, becuase is this not an issue would have solved the whole vexed issue.
However, there needs to be a process that makes sure that Brendan Horan has been treated fairly. Then and only then should we see the back of this MP. I hope the next person on the 'list' for New Zealand First is capable and of excellent character. At times like this, one hopes that the selection and placement process is robust.

It will only take about ten million dollars to fix!

I am talking about the terrible figures Northland has for Rheumatic Fever and the complications that causes. It is totally unacceptable that we should have this ‘third world’ disease in a country that can clearly afford to fix the problem. In the Herald this morning, it was said that less than ten million dollars will fix the homes that are poorly insulated and that in itself is enough to make the problem almost disappear. Maybe that is a simplification but we must not allow out kids to be disadvantaged, when it is not a problem they have any control over.
If it is a monetary consideration and the government has to cut from other budgets, then they should go ahead. I am equally sure that businesses could come to the ‘party’ and help us celebrate better health and life chances for a segment of our population that has suffered for far too long. Fix the problem, now.

What's the big deal?

No doubt people, including political party members will try to make a big deal out of the fact the Paula Bennet has admitted that WINZ paid for some beneficiaries to fly to Australia to take up job offers. Why is that portrayed as being a bad move?
Anyone with half a brain that they can use to assist them with the maths will quickly realize that this is a good move on behalf of the tax payers. Perhaps they can even pay the money back, but even if they didn’t, surely the figures add up to being a positive move for treasury.
Sometimes I give National and the Ministers who have responsibilities for various port folios plenty of stick, but this time I say very loudly, back off!