Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If Brendan Horan is guilty of the reported deeds he-----

Brendan Horan is facing serious credibility issues. If the actions reported in the media are correct, then he must step down and vacate his seat in Parliament. Winston Peters is no fool and if he believes that Mr Horan has gone a few steps too far, then the 'smoke must have substance.'
I do not know why the leglsilation in Parliamnet that went under a 'Sunset clause' was framed in that manner, becuase is this not an issue would have solved the whole vexed issue.
However, there needs to be a process that makes sure that Brendan Horan has been treated fairly. Then and only then should we see the back of this MP. I hope the next person on the 'list' for New Zealand First is capable and of excellent character. At times like this, one hopes that the selection and placement process is robust.

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