Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It will only take about ten million dollars to fix!

I am talking about the terrible figures Northland has for Rheumatic Fever and the complications that causes. It is totally unacceptable that we should have this ‘third world’ disease in a country that can clearly afford to fix the problem. In the Herald this morning, it was said that less than ten million dollars will fix the homes that are poorly insulated and that in itself is enough to make the problem almost disappear. Maybe that is a simplification but we must not allow out kids to be disadvantaged, when it is not a problem they have any control over.
If it is a monetary consideration and the government has to cut from other budgets, then they should go ahead. I am equally sure that businesses could come to the ‘party’ and help us celebrate better health and life chances for a segment of our population that has suffered for far too long. Fix the problem, now.

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