Saturday, November 3, 2012

Is 'Church and State separate with Romney?

I can find little disagree with in your article. I would only add more strongly that there is an unspoken fear that pervades thinking people’s comments. Not enough people are saying openly that they do not trust Romney because of the ties he has to the higher echelons of the Mormon Church. The ramifications of these ties are most ‘un-American.’
Those critical of Romney don’t say it because they fear being labelled as ‘Mormon basher.’ ‘Dissing’ a religion is of course not a good look. What I am worried about is that, how can we be sure that State and church are kept separate? Did we in the ‘West’ not win that battle a few centuries ago?
 Yes there have been Presidents who have ‘faith, but not ones from ‘fringe’ ‘agendered’ religions. This must be said about Romney and said loud and clear. How close are his links to those who are in the ‘inner circle,’ surrounded by ceremony that very few in the Mormon Church are party to?

Come on UK--New Zealand and Australian libraries have my books!

Now it's your turn UK. Now that library suppliers in NZ and Aussie have my books, how about you come aboard? I know people read my blogs in the UK and I'd like a lot more to do so. Hell, even Russia reads them. I'm not sure why; not after all the blogs I have done about their new Stalin--- ooops I mean Mr dear Putin.
So if my friends and relations in the UK want to read my books, they will go along to their local libaries and ask for them. That may need a Libarary Supplier in the UK to be ready and willing to stock my books. You all know what to do and it won't cost you a penny, unless of course you decide to buy a book from my website. You can contact me direct through the website too---go check it out?  AND--- go to your localliobrary and ask.  That's my website, to give you the details for my three books.

Ain't that a good English name? Try Rankin, on the 'Northern' side and Potts and Broughton from the Midlands---goes way back to the 1880's
Cheers mate!

Herbalife--the trial begins tomorrow!

OK, I am about to begin a trial of Herbalife. I started for a few days a week or so ago, but I didn’t have the [product. I brought some from the link on my website and will use it for one replacement meal a day and try to take reasonable care for the other meals. As I have admitted in the past, diets don’t work for me---that is I lose the weight then put more back on when my body tells me, ‘Hey dude, why aren’t you feeding me--- I’ll fix you, I’ll make you eat even more.’ Does that sound familiar?
I am not going on a diet. I shall do the meal replacement thing and eat normal healthy meals the rest of the time. On the three days IO did it when I had the product, I felt fine and not hungry. I suspect that it is the breakfast or lunchtime meal that I will replace as that is when I am busy. I shall also have a non-protein, non carb salad for my lunch as well.
Time will tell whether this is just another ‘doomed to fail test.’ Watch this space. Better still do what I’m doing so if enough of us try my method, we can spread the word. If it’s crap and I have not cheated, I will tell you so. I mean, what have I got to lose, other than weight?

There are more English speakers in East Africa than there are in the USA!

So what you say! I say, bloody good. Now I know you can read my blogs and check out my books. I'd love to have readers in Kenya, Tanzania etc---and then there's Ghana, Nigeria and and South Africa, just to name a few more 'potential reader' nations.
'Authentic New Zealand stories.

Aussies---Good on ya mates--You're buying more of my books than my Kiwi readers!

What can I say? Are there heaps of Kiwis in Australia who are feeling a bit homesick or Aussies better readers. Hell, that will get me into trouble! I have noticed that Australian blog readers are way outstripping Russia now. You are my fair dinkum friends!

PS--- Readers ---Don't be put off by the high postage for my books. If you are buying more than one---contact me direct or through my webiste and I can do a deal.

You can't cook?---of course you can!--chicken, pineapple and cashew nuts

So you have three people coming to dinner and you want to impress them. ‘But I’m a useless cook,’ you say. You can either cook it all in a crockpot/slow cooker or use a stir-fry method. Don’t be afraid to substitute if you don’t have an ingredient.
I say---bullcrap---you can, if you can read and you’re reading this!
OK---get these ingredients---you don’t have to be exact, but if you are still a bit wobbly about proceeding, stick to my quantities.
1)    About 300-400 grams of skinless/boneless chicken breast. (Get it while it’s on special and freeze it because it’s actually easier to slice when it’s partially thawed. Slice the chicken and marinade in the fridge with the following:
2)    1 tablespoon of soya sauce (any type), big teaspoon (or less for the ‘don’t like it too hot brigade’), of chilli paste, same of garlic and ginger, a generous teaspoon of sesame oil and a tablespoon of white vinegar (any vinegar is fine).
3)    Place the mixture in a plastic bag and stick it all in the fridge. Make sure the bags not leaking.  You can leave it to marinade all day if you’re off to work or you can use the slow cooker way from here.
When you are ready to cook, fry off some onions (one’s fine) in a little oil, and then add the chicken mixture, Stir-fry until you are sure the chicken is cooked. Use a hot wok or fry pan! I’m pretty sure it should cook in less than ten minutes if you have sliced the chicken thinly. If you are using the slow cooker, it will only need 3-4 hours max on Med-High. (We use a timer for that. The chicken won’t go off in that marinade---you can always turn it on when you get home and cook on high for 3 hours---if you can wait that long) Always check to see if the chicken is cooked by taking a piece out and making sure it’s cooked all the way through. You don’t need guests ringing you the next day, saying they had a ‘rough night with their best friend --- the toilet.’
Before serving (with rice and any green veggie) add some pineapple chunks (not the NZ icon pineapple lumps! ---MMMM I wonder if they would work?) Add the cashew nuts. You can thicken the mixture if it is a bit too runny. Use corn flour in a slurry---start with half a teaspoon mixed with a little water. You can always do it again if it is still too thin.
As with anything I cook, you can vary and add what you like.
Now--- was that too hard? If it was, then you really can’t cook!

Kim Dotcom---yeah I gave you a hard time, so now--

The Kim Dotcom saga has caused me a good deal of swinging re how I think of him. On one side of my brain is the thought that he may just be a big (but less big since he stayed at ‘Her Majesty’s Pleasure’) selfish self-seeking charlatan. There was and still is the thought that he may have been ripping off the intellectual property of various artists across the board. If he did do that and the screams from the USA and their attempts to get him back to the Sates to face trial, lend weight to the argument around his ‘innocence.’ However, we all know that just because the USA authorities claim that ‘someone’ has transgressed, does not automatically make the ‘about to be charged’ person guilty.
There is always the bigger picture to consider when it comes to the utterances of nation states and the possible reasoning behind the spoken words. In other words, should we trust the stance taken by Kim Dotcom’s accusers? The USA is not alone in trying to bring back people to face the law courts.
Kim Dotcom, without doubt has focussed the attention of many people on the actions of our Government and the Departments they are responsible for. Kim Dotcom has made our police and Security Services look like some sort of amateur set-ups, not worthy of the tasks they are charged with. At some stage the public of New Zealand began to change their minds about who Kim Dotcom really is.
New Zealanders do not like secretive and possibly overzealous officialdom. Once the trend of the story behind the sage began to emerge, I feel that there has been a groundswell of opinion lining up behind Kim Dotcom. This would have left a nasty taste on the tongue for many of these citizens, because there was also the nagging suspicion that our dear Kim Dotcom may be laughing all the way to the bank
 I see he has re-launched a site on the Web. I wonder where this one will take him. I gather that the new site was inundated on the first day. Clearly, many people still want the services he provides. Will our authorities be up to monitoring his activities in a way that does not transgress his freedom or the rights of others to access the site? We shall all be watching the reactions of those very services who were embarrassed by their silly school-boy games.
Kim Dotcom is a New Zealand Resident, so he must be accorded the same treatment the rest of us enjoy. In summary---we are all watching -----both of the actors in this saga.

I WISH I COULD MEET KIM DOTCOM AND HAVE A GOOD OLD CHIN WAG. I WONDER IF HE COULD CONVINCE ME THAT WHAT HE HAS BEEN SAID TO HAVE DONE IS NOT TRUE! Even then, would I be better informed. I don't want to meet the Security Forces though.