Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kim Dotcom---yeah I gave you a hard time, so now--

The Kim Dotcom saga has caused me a good deal of swinging re how I think of him. On one side of my brain is the thought that he may just be a big (but less big since he stayed at ‘Her Majesty’s Pleasure’) selfish self-seeking charlatan. There was and still is the thought that he may have been ripping off the intellectual property of various artists across the board. If he did do that and the screams from the USA and their attempts to get him back to the Sates to face trial, lend weight to the argument around his ‘innocence.’ However, we all know that just because the USA authorities claim that ‘someone’ has transgressed, does not automatically make the ‘about to be charged’ person guilty.
There is always the bigger picture to consider when it comes to the utterances of nation states and the possible reasoning behind the spoken words. In other words, should we trust the stance taken by Kim Dotcom’s accusers? The USA is not alone in trying to bring back people to face the law courts.
Kim Dotcom, without doubt has focussed the attention of many people on the actions of our Government and the Departments they are responsible for. Kim Dotcom has made our police and Security Services look like some sort of amateur set-ups, not worthy of the tasks they are charged with. At some stage the public of New Zealand began to change their minds about who Kim Dotcom really is.
New Zealanders do not like secretive and possibly overzealous officialdom. Once the trend of the story behind the sage began to emerge, I feel that there has been a groundswell of opinion lining up behind Kim Dotcom. This would have left a nasty taste on the tongue for many of these citizens, because there was also the nagging suspicion that our dear Kim Dotcom may be laughing all the way to the bank
 I see he has re-launched a site on the Web. I wonder where this one will take him. I gather that the new site was inundated on the first day. Clearly, many people still want the services he provides. Will our authorities be up to monitoring his activities in a way that does not transgress his freedom or the rights of others to access the site? We shall all be watching the reactions of those very services who were embarrassed by their silly school-boy games.
Kim Dotcom is a New Zealand Resident, so he must be accorded the same treatment the rest of us enjoy. In summary---we are all watching -----both of the actors in this saga.

I WISH I COULD MEET KIM DOTCOM AND HAVE A GOOD OLD CHIN WAG. I WONDER IF HE COULD CONVINCE ME THAT WHAT HE HAS BEEN SAID TO HAVE DONE IS NOT TRUE! Even then, would I be better informed. I don't want to meet the Security Forces though.

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