Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Perdy was covered in lumps last night!

Sometimes I Know I go overboard when it come to my Perdy. I make no apologies for that because you always have the option of deleting or not reading about my paranoia.
Last night I displayed all the tensions, fears and frustrations of a parent when they see their child in pain. When the object of concern is a baby or a dog that can’t tell you what is wrong--- then you get the picture. Read on if you must!
Perdy and I went for our usual ‘stuff the weather’ walk (OK I walk--- she runs like a manic, super-charged freak) down at the Lagoon. She played, stole balls and generally enjoyed herself; sniffing at every unimaginable smelly thing (then licks me later) and chasing other dogs that really do represent a threat, just through their sheer size----- not a problem for a Jack Russell, but a ‘big’ one for me sometimes.
After about an hour of exuberant running and interactions, I decided to call it quits and the usual avoiding getting in the car was on the cards. Each night I find a new technique to catch her--- I am running out of ideas. She must have sensed that I wasn’t going to piss around, so she leapt into the car without too much hassle and then shook herself to toss off the sand and mud. My car is relatively new but looks like a sand-pit inside. I have given up making excuses and if anyone is silly enough to ride in my car then they put up with the sand and often leave the car with the addition of white doggie hair on their clothing. Naturally I do not tell them that they are taking home the makings of a stuffed pillow on the backs and butts. I suppose my friendship circles are undergoing subtle changes of late. Oh well--- like the tide--- they come and go.
When we arrived at home Perdy went off and drank from the fish pond (quite usual) and then proceeded to bug me for her dinner. Whist preparing a stew in the pressure cooker, I happened to turn---- and horror of horrors; she was covered in these large lumps. They looked like mini golf balls. My partner grabbed her and said that they didn’t appear to be solid and they certainly were not stopping her from appealing for her dinner. She was also still very active.
It was us who were upset and powerless to understand what the hell the lumps meant. We uttered words like ‘allergy—she must have eaten something or come into contact with plant material that was not doggie friendly.’ Perdy has had reactions to other plants before, but not like this.
We rang the vet, who told us to watch her for the next ten minutes and then if she was worse, take her to the emergency vet. She also asked if Perdy was having trouble breathing. She wasn’t. In fact, you never have known that anything was wrong apart from the appearance of the lumps.
Ten minutes later, they were gone.
 Any ideas anyone?   God knows what parents go through--- I would be hopeless now.