Saturday, September 22, 2012

How can the world take Pakistan seriously when one of their Government Ministers acts like a terrorist!?

We all know that a great deal of offence has been taken by the Islamic World over the stupid and insulting film made by a ’new American,’ (actually I don’t know if he is a citizen) and by the publication of offensive cartoons by a French magazine.
We have seen the results whereby a section of Islam has hit the streets, killing and creating mayhem. I can understand the anger, but not the extent of the response.
Now, however we have a member of the Pakistani Government acting like a terrorist. By putting bounty on the head of the deluded filmmaker, he has reached very low level. No one can take the Pakistani Government as being part of the civilized world if they allow this to continue. I suspect that his position will be under threat and that the Government will get rid of him and come back into the community of nations that peruses a more moderate response.
His actions may further inflame what is already an intolerable situation. If religion causes such responses, then to me, it is not something that I would aspire to. Of course, I must not forget those many tolerant and loving people who follow a much more gentle and inspiring form of faith. More power to them!
The Pakistani Government is 'distancing itself' from the actions of its rogue Minister. THAT IS JUST NOT ENOUGH!

Hekia will say that bigger classes means better results---Rubbish!

The reporting in the Herald this morning that bigger classes in bigger schools can mean better results re National Standards. It then went on to say that the school in East Auckland had markedly better results than schools in other areas.
Just watch Ms Parata and her cohorts twaddle and twiddle from great heights, using such result to justify and ram through some of their obvious agenda---pushing National Standards and bigger classes. It will be sickening to watch and I suspect the assault will start in the next 48 hours.
COME ON -------Get real Ms Parata. After you have rung Johnny and slurped your coffee in excitement—take a look at the facts. Try and get the point I made in my last blog about Cultural Capital! You will probably say, ‘but many of these children are of Asian descent and they have managed to achieve high standards. That is the point my dear---- they come with the tools to learn, the role models and the means.
It is ridiculous comparing a school like that identified in the report and then use that as justification for your crazy agenda. Take a school in the area where I work, put in the resources in the form of good reading recovery projects, work with the families and try to balance out the effects of the socio-economic issues and apply this consistently and you will get results, but take your foot off the pedal for even a few months and the gains will recede.
When will politicians and those who claim that ‘but I made it---I picked myself up and look at me now’---when will these people take a close look at what life is really like for so many of our kids?
I believe that many National Party politicians genuinely want better lives for all of our citizens, but they do not have an accurate understanding of what life is like at the ‘front line’  for our kids. In that case, go and talk regularly to the teachers, teacher aides, counsellors, youth workers and social workers in parts of our large cities---it is a very different world to what you live in. Above all—open your eyes and hear their stories.
I can hear the howls of the people who think I have insulted them. Never mind--- they won’t read this!

Obama has done enough to placate the 'screamers and haters!

The sight of President Obama going on TV trying to calm those segments of the Islamic world that were deeply offended by a nut case wannabe film producer in the USA is one that has gone far enough. If he goes any further, he is endangering a basic right of Americans to speak out. Yes, that right comes with certain responsibilities and an unspoken obligation not to attack the religions of others.
I am not an American but the sight of what most of us would consider criminal behaviours and those who do not want to listen to the voice of reason; attacking and destroying, using young kids to spread a message of hate, is disturbing to say the least.
Christianity in the past (and some sections still do) has had a history of intolerance too, so it could be said that no religion is free of zealots.
Many citizens in most countries do not hold to any particular faith and others could be best described as ‘moderate’ in their views, whereby they manage to live alongside those of a different faith. What we are witnessing around the world, but in the Islamic world especially at the moment, is nothing short of ignorance, bordering on evil.
I wish that the vast majority of those of all faiths, who constitute the majority, would speak out and not let those who would drive us further apart and risk more loss of life, would bring a much needed spirit of coexistence to a troubled world.
America has been a beacon in the past to those seeking a new beginning and a freedom to express their faith. Now we watch to see if reason can reassert itself, in all countries and perhaps the real intent of the words in books held ‘sacred’ can be revisited.