Saturday, September 22, 2012

Obama has done enough to placate the 'screamers and haters!

The sight of President Obama going on TV trying to calm those segments of the Islamic world that were deeply offended by a nut case wannabe film producer in the USA is one that has gone far enough. If he goes any further, he is endangering a basic right of Americans to speak out. Yes, that right comes with certain responsibilities and an unspoken obligation not to attack the religions of others.
I am not an American but the sight of what most of us would consider criminal behaviours and those who do not want to listen to the voice of reason; attacking and destroying, using young kids to spread a message of hate, is disturbing to say the least.
Christianity in the past (and some sections still do) has had a history of intolerance too, so it could be said that no religion is free of zealots.
Many citizens in most countries do not hold to any particular faith and others could be best described as ‘moderate’ in their views, whereby they manage to live alongside those of a different faith. What we are witnessing around the world, but in the Islamic world especially at the moment, is nothing short of ignorance, bordering on evil.
I wish that the vast majority of those of all faiths, who constitute the majority, would speak out and not let those who would drive us further apart and risk more loss of life, would bring a much needed spirit of coexistence to a troubled world.
America has been a beacon in the past to those seeking a new beginning and a freedom to express their faith. Now we watch to see if reason can reassert itself, in all countries and perhaps the real intent of the words in books held ‘sacred’ can be revisited.

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