Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another Thames Coastal yarn!

It's not a particularly cold day on the 'coast,' today, but it is grey and sticky. My excuse to have the fire going on it's lowest setting was to 'bring bout a good cheer, built upon a nice dry and warm home.' I have succeeded, but the wood pile is diminishing in size and nearing a point that requires attention.Being the multi-skilled, person that I am, meant that going on the car, accompanied by Perdy, to yonder town and beyond, would bring about a solution to several issues; the wood pile, baking needs and a bit of business at the AA---that's the Automobile Assignation. I pulled into the establishment that sell---wood. I had noticed a little trailer at the entrance with 'much processed pieces,' that would go up in smoke, wit hon minutes. NO----not for me---I wanted the unprocessed chunky stuff, that God ordained specifically for Kent fires! 'Yes, of course we have that, ,' the cheery young lady replied when asked about the former God-blessed wood. I inquired about delivery. 'Just bring our truck in,' she said. 'Ah---I don't have one,' I replied, somewhat 'Aucklandy' in nature.' She looked at my little Hyundai in the yard and said, 'You got a tow bar?' I answered in a manner that inferred my car was quite capable of towing a smallish load but no---I didnt have a tow bar, like ai guess most people in Thames---do. Hey---she was speaking to the guy who way back in the early seventies used to employ a Morris 1000 to tow a trailer with a heavy piano. It did of course require several clutch replacements. We just don't do that sort of thing these days, eh! I suggested that I would ring back, after I had sought the assistance of my neighbour, who 'knows' people and things movers.' I guess today was another 'welcome to life on the Coast.' kinda day.