Monday, August 31, 2015

Samoa reading my blog today! Wish I was there.

Spring in Auckland can be day after day of rain and leaving one wondering if it is Spring or a nasty version of another season. The I see someone reading my blog in Samoa, place where a friend is spending a week or two and sticks up pictures of the each and the resort where he is staying. I AM SO envious!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Brazil---lovely to see your hits on my blogs!

I am most pleased to see the high number of 'visits' to my website and blog from readers in Brazil. You now rank about third re the total number of 'hits' for the month. Please continue to read my blogs and hopefully, you are downloading Roskill,' my book. I suspect that the issue I write about in my book, is also a problem in Brazil and that many families are damaged, just as they are in New Zealand. I would love to get some feedback from you, via the comments section of my blog, about my book and about life in general as it is in brazil. Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my 'rantings.'

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sweden---so happy to see you reading my blogs.

I have noticed and increase in 'traffic' from Sweden, lately and I don't mean Volvos, but hey---they are great cars too, if only I could afford one. Well Sweden, make that happen by sharing my blogs with all of your friends and getting them to wither download my book, ROSKILL, or buying the hard cover. I am sure you will find some sad similarities re the substance I talk about in my book. In NZ, we call it 'P' and it goes by other names in other countries, including 'Ice or Crystal Meth on others.Lives are ruined and families torn apart. Please send me feedback, if you do read my book. Many thanks, Sweden. Go to my website for the downloads or--hey---go visit the Frankfurt Book fare later in the year. You will find Roskill there too.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hi ya Germany---see you in a few monhs---well, not me, but ROSKILL is coming!

Yeah, I know---that's quite a provocative heading, implying that I am on my way to Germany. I wish I was coming with ROSKILL, my book, the one that is going to the Frankfurt Book Fare, later in the year, but unless I can hide in the packaging, with suitable life support, then I will just have to rely on my agent to 'present' my book for me. Please go and check it out and maybe it can be picked up and translated into German. THEN, I would be coming for real, to sign copies and get to know your country. Berlin and Frankfurt---here I come? In the meantime, please visit my site and download or order hard copy.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Crystal Meth in the USA---'P' in New Zealand. Different names for the same scourge.

Take any city or town in the USA or New Zealand and it would not be difficult to find a family facing the prospect of being torn apart because a father, son, wife or daughter has entered the dark world of Crystal Meth or 'P,' as we call it in NZ. It could start with a desire to get a high, one that has moving goal posts. as the 'hit' achieved on that first 'experimental blast, is never quite reached again. The 'user' becomes embroiled in a quest to fill the gap, to find that space whereby all problems disappear and the day to day struggle of life is an inconsequential----nothing! The need to repeat the experience becomes a deadly fascination and the very existence of the family is threatened, relationships strained and finances wrecked. This pattern of destruction is mirrored in every neighbourhood in both countries. It goes unnoticed at first, by neighbours and relations, friends and bosses, (and employees) as the 'substance' takes hold, until it is almost too late. Lies build upon lies, things disappear as the user seeks ever more money to finance his or her habit. The line is crossed between a law abiding individual to one who loses all judgment of right or wrong. Yet--a vestige of morality remains, tearing apart the person enslaved, as they drift further from reality. Loved ones become incidental as the 'beast' takes hold. There is hope, but it takes a brave partner, family member, or friend to 'be with' the person as they seek to break the hold. I invite you all to read ROSKILL, my book about the effects of CM or P on an ordinary family, and the extraordinary path they take to regain their family. There is hope, but they must dig deep to find the strength needed for the battle to save the family. You can download an eBook from my website, or buy hard copy. If you live in the USA, Amazon is fine but for Kiwis, it is cheaper to buy the book directly from me via my Perhaps you would like to read some reviews. Just Google Roskill by Neil Coleman and I am sure you will find a few. The website is

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hits on my blog.

Below are the hits on my blog for the top ten countries. About 50 other countries have featured. I am extremely suspicious of the ones from Israel because they appeared on just two days and things went wonky on those days for my blog. Go figure! If only those hits would translate into downloads or sales for ROSKILL. Oh well---just wishing. United States 76291 New Zealand 39948 Israel 4875 Russia 2612 Australia 2290 China 1570 United Kingdom 1159 Germany 733 Luxembourg 467 France 390

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Become a 'Follower' of my blog and go into a draw to win a copy of Roskill.

I am ramping up my pubicity re ROSKILL prior to other events surrounding the book. For every 10 new followers I shall put their names into a draw and give away a free hard copy of Roskill. This offer applies to anywhere in the world, but restricted to planet earth! You know what to do---get folowing and hey----feedback is fine.I am prepared to give away up to 20 copies of Roskill.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Keybott----the special alliance between NZ and Australia.

< It seems that NZ and Australia often link re their special character---on the sports-fields and battlefields of the world and sometimes---politically. We both have leaders who have a vision of our collective futures that can only end in sadness and even bigger divides within our two great nations. Both leaders have their heads in the sand on so many important issues, not the least being those surrounding 'Climate Change.' Then we have the ever increasing divide between the wealthier elites at the top and the hugely increasing majority at the bottom of the economic pile. Both leaders have their hands deeply in the pockets of the 1%---that tiny group that transcends boundaries. They purport to care about the nations they lead, the people they represent, but do not listen when those people speak. They share an arrogance, that we have not seen matched in the politics of both countries for many years. NZ and Australia deserve so much better from their leaders. NZ---you have a chance this weekend to make a stand---against that other huge 'elephant in the room'---the TPPA. Let's get put on the streets and make a point. Let's make it a 'Hey Johnny and Tony---listen up!'

Australia, Aussie Aussie Aussie---what the hell!!!!

Why the weird intro? Why not. Since when did I worry about being a bit weird. The only real reason for actions----to make Aussie start reading my blogs and download my book, Roskill. I have been a bit 'strident' at times re some of the 'issues' between NZ and Aussie, mainly on the sporting field, but in reality that has been balanced out by the regular outpourings from me about the wonderful relationship that exists between the ANZAC nations. So---come on Aussie Aussie Aussie---get with the plan and hit me up. I promise to be NICE.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A young man's life is ruined---so too are those to whom he preyed upon!

Once again 'P' (Methamphetamine) has reared its ugly head. Today we hear news of a young man involved in this dark and dangerous world, who now faces a prison term, leaving his business in ruins. Not only has he damaged himself, but the people at the other end of the 'P road,' who are enslaved in this 'life damaging' scourge. In my communications with people re my blogs and publicity re my book (ROSKILL) I am reminded that the figures pertaining to the people involved in the drug, are vastly underestimated. Sure, the numbers they claim are anecdotal, but even if they are only partially correct, the numbers are huge. I feel a sense of despair, when I read their claims, wondering if NZ as a nation will ever get on top of the problem, not just re 'P' but 'substance abuse' in general. I include of course, alcohol in this. I think about the families who are torn apart by 'P' and the damage that the children are suffering. By the time they get to secondary school, it is very hard for the schools and other agencies working with them to counteract the 'flow-on' effects of the above drug(s). There are many 'out there' who do not want to know. This is reflected in some of the comments I receive when I write a post like this, where words like 'losers' and statement to to the affect that they 'just don't want to know' about 'P.' We all live in this fine land and until we own these issues,' talk about them, seek solutions that entail looking at the gaps between segments of society, what sort of future we want for our kids and putting resources into early childhood providers, to identify where we need to put the effort in, then we are doomed to see a continuing downward trend. That is why I wrote ROSKILL, in a style that is 'accessible,' readable and offering that quality we must never lose----HOPE! Follow the links to my book for an eBook download or contact me directly for a cheaper deal for hard copy.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Windows 10-----damn, I'm not good with 'change!'

Windows 10 is out. Fantastic, I thought. All my 'troubles' will be resolved re the issues I had with Windows 8.1. Well, that's the theory and then there's the 'Neil factor!' I remember many years ago, teaching the concept of 'Future Shock' to an unwilling Social Studies class---way back in the 1970's I am sure some of those dear students (now aged in their early 50s will be reading this blog and will no doubt give me some stick. That's OK, because I love to hear from them. I AM SUFFERING from that debilitating affliction. Yes, I had complained about how useless Windows 8.1 was and how it affected so many aspects of my 'life online.' I came to an accommodation with the devil that I knew and sort of managed. You must have noticed less negativity around my utterances. So yesterday I finally got the go ahead for the much vaunted Windows 10. I downloaded it and had a few glasses o9f wine while it did its thing---why?---Because I said to sit back and relax---I just added the wines for good measure. Once completed, I was immediately struck by the afore mentioned Future Shock. I had no idea what I was doing.24 hours in to the brave new world' of Windows 10--I am slowly---every so slowly coming to terms with the newbie on the block. BUT---it is a painful process; one which entails asking questions, reading and clicking on various icons, hoping for 'magic.' Will I get there? Yes, I think I will, but there will be blood on the floor, tear stained sleeves and a great deal of extreme language. Such is progress!

Friday, August 7, 2015

It was supposed to be ------just me on the beach with Perdy---but-----

I love my weekends, which usually start with a quiet walk on a beach or in a park---with Perdy, of course. That doesn't really live up to the opening statement, given that no walk is ever quiet when accompanied by the said beast. Perdy knew that she wasn't going to the 'doggie care pet hotel,' in Mangere. No----we were heading to the city and then onto Mission Bay. When I pulled into the car park, her excitement was approaching 'leakage territory!' As soon as the leash was disconnected, it was off across the sand, chasing her beloved orange ball. In between toileting and chasing the ball and waiting for me to dispose 'correctly' of the solid stuff, she explored, chased, sniffed various canine bits and pieces and generally befriended anyone and everyone. I was hoping to gather myself with a gentle ramble, but Perdy had other ideas. She soon 'trapped me' in conversations with other dog owners and couples with a 'wanna dog' vision. Towards the end of our sojourn, we settled into an 'inspiring' conversation with an elderly gentleman, who exuded wisdom. He was a good deal older than me and still works. Our verbal union was full of surprises and left me thinking---hey, as long as one has reasonable health, there is indeed life beyond 65 and it does not have to be in AUCKLAND. He too was about to jump ship to somewhere on the Coromandel Peninsula. I loved his openness, his willingness to share his experiences with life and the 'encounters' he has lived through. Oh to be as satisfied with life as he is when I reach that age, in the not too distant future. He has lived life without regrets! Now-----Perdy---look after the house for a few hours, while I go and visit a friend---no----you are way too boisterous for this one!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Amazon AP for Kindle---how good is it?

I rely on people downloading the free AP from Amazon for a Kindle, ti enable them to read ROSKILL on a device of their choosing. However, i am hearing conflicting reports about just how that AP is. Do let me know. I'm just curious. As with all 'reports,' one has to be careful as to the 'accuracy' of such opinions. I find it hard to believe that of there were difficulties, Amazon would 'fix them.' Hey---they rely on their product being efficient and problem-free too, don't they. Given that I want most of my sales for ROSKILL to be downloads, in NZ at least, because of the high cost of postage from the USA, then I have a vested interest in everything being easy to use. Don;t forget to email me direct at for a hard copy order within NZ. No one has told me how much ROSKILL costs for readers in the USA----let me know.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 Please use this link for ROSKILL

I get many requests for a hard copy link to ROSKILL or for the ebook download. I know that the cost for the hard copy version is expensive from Amazon. If you are in NZ (and probably Australia)the postage alone is about $32, so if you add on the cost of the book, well---you get my drift. I will give you a much cheaper option of you lve in NZ---$25 all up! If you don't want to pay the higher cost for the hard copy from Amazon, then use the ebook option. If you go to the link click on it, follow through and it is really cheap. What---you don't have a Kindle?! NO problem---there is a free download for the AP amd if you can stand reading a book on your phone or tablet---well---there's your answer. Please let me know if you decide to follow that option. I'd love feedback. Don't forget to share this post! Happy reading. For direct purchases in NZ, go to