Friday, August 7, 2015

It was supposed to be ------just me on the beach with Perdy---but-----

I love my weekends, which usually start with a quiet walk on a beach or in a park---with Perdy, of course. That doesn't really live up to the opening statement, given that no walk is ever quiet when accompanied by the said beast. Perdy knew that she wasn't going to the 'doggie care pet hotel,' in Mangere. No----we were heading to the city and then onto Mission Bay. When I pulled into the car park, her excitement was approaching 'leakage territory!' As soon as the leash was disconnected, it was off across the sand, chasing her beloved orange ball. In between toileting and chasing the ball and waiting for me to dispose 'correctly' of the solid stuff, she explored, chased, sniffed various canine bits and pieces and generally befriended anyone and everyone. I was hoping to gather myself with a gentle ramble, but Perdy had other ideas. She soon 'trapped me' in conversations with other dog owners and couples with a 'wanna dog' vision. Towards the end of our sojourn, we settled into an 'inspiring' conversation with an elderly gentleman, who exuded wisdom. He was a good deal older than me and still works. Our verbal union was full of surprises and left me thinking---hey, as long as one has reasonable health, there is indeed life beyond 65 and it does not have to be in AUCKLAND. He too was about to jump ship to somewhere on the Coromandel Peninsula. I loved his openness, his willingness to share his experiences with life and the 'encounters' he has lived through. Oh to be as satisfied with life as he is when I reach that age, in the not too distant future. He has lived life without regrets! Now-----Perdy---look after the house for a few hours, while I go and visit a friend---no----you are way too boisterous for this one!

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