Monday, December 21, 2015

A free lunch is hard to come by, unless---------

I will do almost anything for a free lunch. Well---today took the cake---not that I received cake! i took the bus to the hospital, as today was the day for my Angio-thingy. I met the 'Professor' who took me through the process, that is when he could get a word in. He was a nice Englishman' with an excellent manner re communicating what was about to happen. He warned me about getting a feeling that I had pissed myself, although he did use much more correct terminology. Wow there is certainly a great deal of money tied up in those fancy machines and I rejoiced in the fact that taxes help pay for this expensive procedure. The ordeal was over in a out 15 minutes and I was sent to the chairs where I joined others had shared my experience, The lovely nurses took my pulse BP and gave me some water to re-hydrate my system and to help flush out the toxins in the dye that they use. I waved goodbye and yes, said----Merry Xmas, and headed towards reception. Well--not quite---I suddenly felt the urge to hit the floor---the world was going black and ISIS flags figured on my side vision. WTF!!!! I sat----looked around, wondering what the hell to do. I noticed the receptionist looking at me---not with desire, I must say! A chair appeared out of nowhere and two of the aforementioned nurses retrieved me and wheeled me back to radiology. I was placed in a bed and all the monitors came out. My blood pressure was very low and they summonsed the Professor who had done the work previously, took over and told me that the drug he gave me to stabilize my heat beat at a necessarily low rate had most certainly done its job.. I was plonked gently in a bed and for the next hour it was check, measure and observe. Now the good part. He ordered that I drink a nice orange juice and have some food. Not flash---but hey---it went down well and it was freeeeee! I was also on the mend and after an hour they let me go , to get a taxi home and not do too much for the day. By this time, I was feeling great, so I ditched the idea of the taxi and in line with my wish to not spend a cent (I had my Gold Card), I wandered slowly in the cooling breeze and caught a bus home. We can pick Perdy up form dogie care after 4. I shall be able to drive by then. What a day and I am so thankful for the incredible health system that supports us (for the most part) in times of need. Thank you dear nurses. Your attitude made me feel like I was being looked after by 'family.' What happened today? The nurses felt that the drug caused a reaction and I went it to mild shock. Glad that it all occurred in the best possible place!