Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Perdy is a spy----please don't tell the GCSB!

Last weekend I took Perdy for a walk at Devonport. After a delicious (yes small) breakfast we decided to walk along the 'promenade' (That sounds so special, ain't it!) towards the Devonport Naval Base, the premier location for our tiny Navy. Perdy had an ulterior motive. I didn't know until I came home and found the camera on her collar. She had been bugged and unknowingly I had assisted her in spying on the naval base. I found the invoices in her account that pointed to a foreign power involved . She had been paid three hundred cans of the best dog food and a years supply of chicken necks. No wonder the Aussie Butcher hadn't charged me last time. Obviously she had rang them and made sure she had an account ready for action.
I am torn between the love of my country and the need to keep our naval base secret (of course it is in the middle of the harbour, right by the ferry lanes!) and not have information passed to the enemies of New Zealand. There is a rumour that tiny Tonga is about to invade us because we have been very cruel to them about a certain plane that they had been given by China and that New Zealand claims is unsafe. So you can understand that New Zealand is most worried about security at the moment!
I know Perdy is a dog, but she doesn't see herself that way. She does however have a perchance for all things gastronomic so the stomach is far more important than mere loyalty to the country of her birth. Imagine the confused feelings I now harbour given this extremely serious state of affairs. What to do?! Turn her in or wait until there is a knock on our door in the middle of the night and we are both bundled into a van and taken  to GCSB headquarters. Oh well, maybe I should be more careful about Perdy's activities during our mnay walks. God alone knows what she has planned!
Perdy, 'scanning' the BASE!

This is a bit unusual for me, but for parents and teenagers, it is a 'must see.'

This site is a ‘must see’ for all parents and teenagers. You can get the information from a book called Jobs Galore, but isn’t it so much more convenient (and up to date!) of you can access the information online?
At this time of the year many young people are thinking about their futures; what subjects to take, where they should study and what career path they wish to follow. Many teenagers are unsure and confused about their future pathways and some get quite down about it. Using this site and getting g help after working through it can help a lot.
I say, get your kids (and yourselves) online and check out the above site. Make it part of your spare time. It is user friendly and if one takes the time, most of your questions are answered. I get students to go through the ‘job alphabet,’ writing down any job that sparks any interest and going back to it at a later stage.
The exercise needs to be repeated and once your ‘offspring’ decide on some ideas, get them to follow through by visiting the careers teachers/counsellors at their school. Hey, you may even decide on a career change so start ‘your’ new journey. How many adults are out there, hating on their jobs.  Make a change and this book/site will give you a good starting point.
If the site does not immediately open, just persist. Good luck and best wishes,

Are you bored with the 'election' already, Australia?

Kevin is looking desperate and Tony is trying not to look too smug, knowing that he is about to face the challenges of being a PM. The workers of Australia don’t know or don’t want to know what’s coming their way, but they will still either vote for Tony, stay at home or reluctantly stay with Kevin. Like NZ a few years ago, lots of Aussies will stay away from the polling booths and allow a PM to take the parliamentary benches who will take away many of the gains that Kevin, Julia and Kevin brought them.
Haven’t we seen this scenario repeated in countless elections? What is it about people (all over the world) and politics, in that ‘people’ have very short political memories? Is it that we want a ‘change?’ Do we really examine in minute detail what we want for our nations?
Of course we don’t, and we forget all the ‘crap’ that our dear leaders have inflicted on us in the past and vote their’ successors’ back in, inviting a similar ‘treatment’ because, we live ‘for the day,’ not the future.
So, it’s going to be ‘hello Tony’ and feck off Kevin,’ on Saturday and Aussies will be grumbling like ‘you can put your own words in here,’ because you didn’t think about what is coming at you like a speeding train. Workers of Australia—you are about to be ‘derailed!’

Get your Kindle so you can download, 'ROSKILL!'

Yes, if you have a Kindle or another reading device, you can download ROSKILL. I just saw that they range in price from $89-$209. Go to the Amazon store and see for yourself. For those who still insist on the real thing, I shall make my books available in hard copy, if there is a 'demand.'

It took a while but it is 'goodbye 80's and hello post psychodelic 70's!'

It took a while but 5 months to the day since my bariatric surgery operation. I can say that have lost about 40 kilos (that’s around 33% of my body weight) and I have never felt better. I have absolutely no misgivings or nothing negative to report. I have excellent post care and support from family friends and ‘social media’ friends.
I guess its goodbye 80’s and hello 70’s. It also means getting rid of most of the black or dark clothes I seemed to wear, but I shall do that gradually as it’s a little expensive going through three wardrobe changes. Going from XL4 down to a normal ‘medium’ is quite a journey, but I must say, an exciting one.
Now when I get up in the morning it’s’ not the ‘same old,’ same old’ choices, but actually having to think when I get dressed. Going shopping is no longer a ‘what have you got that fits me?’ It’s a time for celebration and choosing from a wide range of options and I am loving it. I never thought that I would even give a stuff about clothing. Whether I get to the point where I am looking at suits and ties is another matter that may be just that one step too far! But---who knows?
So as the six month mark looms I think I can say that my weight is going to settle down just below 79 kilos and that is mighty fine for me. Maintaining it will be the next aim. I never for a moment thought  that I would get this far, so it’s all one big bonus. I can say with a conviction that I have never felt before that ‘less is most definitely more!’

Well, that's another one gone and aprt form the activity on FB I managed to hide

Hit the big 63 yesterday and I managed to keep  low profile. A huge big thanks to all of those FB friends and others who got me though. Ididn;t think it mattered, but you made a differencr to a very quiet celebration.