Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It took a while but it is 'goodbye 80's and hello post psychodelic 70's!'

It took a while but 5 months to the day since my bariatric surgery operation. I can say that have lost about 40 kilos (that’s around 33% of my body weight) and I have never felt better. I have absolutely no misgivings or nothing negative to report. I have excellent post care and support from family friends and ‘social media’ friends.
I guess its goodbye 80’s and hello 70’s. It also means getting rid of most of the black or dark clothes I seemed to wear, but I shall do that gradually as it’s a little expensive going through three wardrobe changes. Going from XL4 down to a normal ‘medium’ is quite a journey, but I must say, an exciting one.
Now when I get up in the morning it’s’ not the ‘same old,’ same old’ choices, but actually having to think when I get dressed. Going shopping is no longer a ‘what have you got that fits me?’ It’s a time for celebration and choosing from a wide range of options and I am loving it. I never thought that I would even give a stuff about clothing. Whether I get to the point where I am looking at suits and ties is another matter that may be just that one step too far! But---who knows?
So as the six month mark looms I think I can say that my weight is going to settle down just below 79 kilos and that is mighty fine for me. Maintaining it will be the next aim. I never for a moment thought  that I would get this far, so it’s all one big bonus. I can say with a conviction that I have never felt before that ‘less is most definitely more!’

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