Sunday, May 13, 2012

This is weird--my blogbooks-- back to front reading

I am not sure how you manage it but some of you must be reading later chapters judging by the figures. Maybe you like it that way--- reading my books backwards. I mean--- there are more readers for later chapters than some of the early ones. Oh well--- whatever ticks the box is fine by me---- but please click on the adverts if you want the next chapters. The local paper did and article about my little experiment. Wow--- do I tell them about my back to front readers?  LOL

Take a trip to Raglan and then read the article in the NZ Herald this morning

If you have never been to Raglan, New Zealand, then just look at my old blog, ‘Cloud Choppers,’ and then imagine more green pristine grasslands and pastures alongside native forests.
Now imagine a Chinese company coming in and conducting ‘exploratory’ work to find out if the area is rich in Iron sands and other minerals.  Apparently this has been going on for quite some time and the next phase is the planning and feasibility studies---all this without most of the locals knowing.
Who did know then? We all know that these things just creep up on us and before we know it the contracts are signed and yet another piece of NZ disappears. Oh yes--- they will say that they will protect and restore the environment at the conclusion of their rape and pillage.
Yes I know that many in NZ want to copy our Aussie cousins and dig the wealth out of the ground, so that we can have our hospitals and welfare systems, but is it right that we are not consulted first. As for the money coming back in royalties to the Government--- how much?
I am not against wealth creation but I am against the mad rush to exploit our natural resources. I do not believe that these huge companies (not just Chinese— but also American, European and Asian Companies) give a stuff about the NZ environment.
I am sure the Greens will be onto this like a jack Russell chasing a rat.

It's Perdy's first full day at school as my ----

Yes, it’s Perdy’s first full day as my assistant therapist. I was really nervous about how she would be, especially as it started to rain an hour or so ago. I let her have a run with her ball before the students came and she found a secret place to do her toileting, well away from anyone.
Perdy did not like it when I left her in the caretakers back yard and she barked on and off for a couple of hours. Luckily anyone who heard her knew who she was and there have not been any complaints---- yet.
I was also a bit concerned about her rejecting her new kennel. At home she comes and goes as she pleases through the cat door. No such arrangement here. I noticed that she has been quiet for the last hour, so she must have gone into her kennel for a sleep.
 I shall bring her over to my office at lunchtime and let her meet a really ‘switched-on’ group of students. They run the PSSP (Peer sexuality support programme) in our school and they have all sorts of plans to have Perdy as their mascot when they are running workshops for our students. No doubt she will appear on their Facebook pages in the near future.

We had our meeting and Perdy was a real hit. They had her sitting, laying down and were even tryng ot make her learn more tricks---so much for the actual meeting. We finally got around to our meeting and the studnest are going to have perdy in some of the health classes they will be helping with.
Now Perdy is sleeping in my office, while I wait for my last client. I think Perdy will have her first client.

Nigeria now---- welcome

I would love to know how you found out about my blog in Nigeria. You are very welocme and I hope you enjoy my books and blogs.

Boston University-- we share your grief.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of three young Americans. They were part of a group of students who have been in Auckland since the beginning of the year on an exchange programme. Part of that experience was to explore New Zealand beyond the city. It was on one of these outings that the tragedy occurred, on one of New Zealand’s most beautiful highways near the fabled Mt Doom of Lord of the Rings fame. The real name of this mountain is Mt Ngauruhoe, one of three that give this area of New Zealand’s Central Volcanic plateau the qualities film makers value so highly.
The students were going to attempt the Tongario Crossing, an adventure that has significant challenges, but with proper planning, should not have presented any major problems. Unfortunately the tragedy was nearly made worse by the fact that five of the young people needed to be rescued from the freezing heights of the mountain, narrowly avoiding yet another disaster.
The vans travelling along the scenic road were involved in an accident that claimed the three lives and five other students were injured. We will look after your sons and daughters, America and we share the sadness with you. That you entrusted your young people to us and to have them end their lives here hangs heavily with us.
Young people will always seek adventure and push the boundaries, but this was something that no one could have controlled. At a time when the road toll is at its lowest since records began, the accident only compounds the sadness.
I am sure that New Zealand and Boston, the home of the university that sent us their young people, will become closer as a result of this sad news. I watched your candle-lit vigil on TV and my eyes filled with tears as I imagined the pain the parents, families and friends must be going through. All I can offer is my love. Life is so precious.