Sunday, August 3, 2014

Who let the dogs out?!

Did I sing that song? NO! Did I dance?! Hell no. What does a Jack Russell have in common with an electrician? Feck all, especially when the said electrician lets the Jack Russell out. Did I swear? You better believe it. Nor directly at the electrician, because he needs to finish the job before I do that and by then I may fell human again. Perhaps I should charge him for my time, because time became one bloody long 40 minutes of shear frustration. What's the big deal, you say? Well---at the top of my long driveway there is a rabbit hutch and yes---there is a big white rabbit in residence. Looks like a really big meal---for a family. Whether Perdy thinks that the rabbit is for her meals for the next few days, I just don't know. Talk about a tempting escapade for her--wow she went nuts! NO matter what I did, which included trying to entice her with her favourite 'treats,'---nothing worked. The more excited and pissed off I got, the least likely she was going to come to me. She was having way too much fun! Even with the help of my friendly neighbour, she was not going to be caught. (Perdy doesn't know it yet, but that is where she is going to be spending the day, on Saturday when I take my friend to Te Awamutu!)NO matter how smart we thought we were, she managed to elude our feeble attempts to corner her. Last time I had managed to grab her tail as she stuck her head beneath the outside covering. Not this time, folks---she has a very strong residual memory and 'tricks' only fool her once. I have heard that Jack Russells on a 'mission' are almost impossible to get in an 'abeyance mode.' I gave up! I went back to my house down the drive and left the gate open. 'Come home when you are ready you little shite,' I yelled. Well---that is what she did and once she was inside the house, heading towards her food bowl, I shut the gate and looked at her that threatened an intent to do bodily harm. NO--of course I didn't, but I did pick her up and tell her how naughty she was--not in those terms of course. My language possibly let her know that I WAS NOT PLEASED! I shall not repeat it here. Now, after her feed, she is giving me a look that seems to say---I will DO this again! Deal with it dude! OH hell--- the electrician is coming back on Wednesday to finish his job. I hope he has learnt how to ---DON'T LET THE DOG OUT! I need a drink!

Poor Man's Roast. Oops, I did it again!

I caught then end of a discussion on the radio the other day, where the 'person of interest,' was talking about a cheap meal--Poor Man's Roast. All it had was three ingredients with maybe a bit of oil and added pepper. It consisted of layering sliced potatoes, onions and bacon and then baking it. I can give that a lift, I thought. So I did the above with the addition of a layer of greens from the garden and then mixing in a packet of Magi chicken soup and grated cheese on the top, right at the end of cooking. Anyone can do this and I reckon it would easily feed a hungry group of four. I used 5 potatoes, two onions and a packet of bacon. All costs about $10 max. Go do it and leave the takeaways alone for a while.