Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What a great day to get stoned, my dears---You better read on!

It has been a beautiful day in Auckland, for the first day of 2015. I had taken Perdy out for a walk this morning and I was contemplating another outing, probably to the good old tried and true, Bay, down at Onehunga, but then a friend rang to say how about we try getting 'stoned.' Well, that is a bit of a stretch---what I am trying to say but couldn't resist the provocative and entirely untrue statement thus made. My dear friend was suggesting we take the two dogs, Perdy and Mandy to the Stone Fields near the Auckland Airport. It is a rugged expanse of rocky outcrops with lots of stone fences, built by early settlers in order to get rid of the stones from an ancient eruption, so that they could farm the fields. Off we went and the dogs were in heaven. Of course Perdy's idea of an outing with attitude is one in which she can jump in, roll in, shite, anything with colour, smell and only a bath in a cow trough brought her back to her pristine white with spots! The two dogs smiled the entire time---they just loved this place. Heather and I will be going back, provably with a picnic and more friends---yeah and more dogs! We didn't bother trying to climb the many Avocado tress there, but others did and were going home with generous quantities. What a beautiful day. How could we not stop on the way home at the Ice-cream place that adds real strawberries to the mix. Yeah, you guessed it---Perdy is already on the bed, asleep. She will of course rise again to partake in her dinner. In the meantime a gentle peace has lowered itself upon my little home---for how long--anyone's guess.!

ROSKILL, by Neil Coleman needs a boost to start off the new year.

I have learnt that my 'self-publishing' adventure is one fraught with pitt falls. Not the least is the capacity for one to almost give up as the bills pile up and sales move at a snail's pace. I have pushed the book via various means, including radio interviews, a TV appearance and even a very good interview in the September 2014 issue of MiNDFOOD. I have put up many boosted posts on FB and used the services of a publicist. Some of you have played a part in reviewing Roskill and downloading either the EBook version or buying the hard-copy via the link on my website. That support has meant a great deal to me. I am at a decisive point in my self-publishing' career. One can not keep putting money into a project that does not return good results. I am not a business person and making decisions about money are not my strong point, however I want to make a push by boosting this post. I want to move on to a new project. As to what that is, is still in the clouds, along with my head. I have 'ideas,' some of them inspired by your suggestions, but not all of them reside in a world that is compatible with 'my present day job!' Nevertheless, I thank you for those 'interesting' suggestions. More about those at a later date. In the meantime, please help me again to 'boost' and to reach out with ROSKILL. Get your friends to share and better still, to download Roskill or buy the hard-copy. You can do that via the Amazon link on my website or by contacting me direct at my email address. Feel free to scroll down and find the older blogs with various links to magazine articles and interviews. Thank you so much for your many kind words and support. May you all have a wonderful, peaceful and prosperous new year.