Monday, June 5, 2017

I wonder who is going to be murdered in the Tauranga Library this Thursday night!

Come and join me for this fun event. I do not think very much blood will be shed so your nerves will be safe.
I am in very good company re the other guests and unfortunately, I will not have the hard print version of my book, Talk To me. If you wish to read the book before attending the evening, just go to my website and download it---follow the links from Neil's Books.
Happy reading. See you Thursday, 5.30 pm 8th June.
Perdy (SPOT!) is the little Jack Russell star in the book--TALK TO ME.

Perdy IS Spot in Talk To me. She plays a crucial part in resolving the 'terrible crime.' Just look at that face and see the talent, the determination in her to catch the 'criminal.'