Sunday, December 1, 2013

We must end this 'anti-Kiwi' policy that Australia insists on maintaining.

We all know that Kiwis have headed for the supposed ‘greener pastures’ of Australia for many years. This is an historic fact; ne that has only occasionally been reversed in the distant past and that probably due to severe economic downturns or the gold rushes of those times.
At times it has looked like a mad rush by Kiwis across the ‘ditch’ with those leaving heavily outnumbering any arrivals from the ‘lucky land.’ Those leaving did not always understand some of the down the track ramifications re taking u0presidence in Australia. For example, they could not assume that they would get the same health cover that their Aussie mates get and numerous other benefits that they always took for granted here in NZ. It wasn’t until the ‘dream’ crumbled, because of unforeseen circumstances like unemployment or sickness and accidents that the truth about their new home hit them---in the pocket.
Many Kiwis now find themselves in dire straits as the reality of a nation that says they want New Zealanders as immigrants but does not deliver when things go wrong, finally hits the spot of no return. Hell, even if you have been paying taxes for years, you still do not get the same benefits that other immigrants get. You could say that Kiwis should have known this and taken it into account when they left. OK< fair point but when it is put in context---that Australians get a far better deal when  they come the other way---to NZ!
Well maybe the boot could be on the other foot soon. There are signs that the drift to Australia has not only slowed down but possibly begun to flow the other way, albeit in small numbers. Whether this becomes a rush, only time will tell and the inevitable bush fires and other natural disasters combined with a recovering NZ economy. It seems that there have been a large number of inquiries about job opportunities in NZ and a yearning of Kiwis to return home.
Before this becomes a reality, we should start to think about curtailing the benefits Aussies receive when they come here; unless Australia changes their position. Hard call? ---well no. Why should it always be so one-sided? We may well be in a position where we can stand up to the bullying tactics employed by our ‘cousins.’ Perhaps it is time for our ex-Kiwis to come home, bringing with them those hard-arsed Aussie attitudes that could well benefit us more than just on the sports field. Time will tell if the flow increases our way and hopefully before that time, the Aussies will see the unfairness of their stance.

Georgie Pie---can they really do it like they used too?

I have heard all the hype, all the nostalgia and the passions behind the words of those calling out for the return of this NZ icon. Would it measure up to those memories from a few decades ago, or would I be disappointed? Sorry folks. I shall get right to it---I was most displeased with the visit to McDonalds, where one has to go for this old treat from yesteryear.NO, not with the service, but with the let-down I felt when I got to my second bite. I don't remember a pie that was half filled with the mixture, in this case mince and cheese. I didn't think that if I turned it in different ways the 'mince' (mainly gravy) flowed to the other end of the pie, sort of like the tide going out. OK, the taste was OK and the pastry did the trick, but not flaky like a prefer. I can get a pie in many cases much better form my local bakery and the filling will at least fill the cavity. Value for money---I don't think so. Maybe that is what McDonalds wants to happen. Let's face it, they only bought the rights to GP many years ago in order to kill it. Well. I reckon they are doing it all over again, this time with a 'less- than-we-remembered-product.' Perhaps it is about our memories that really hits the spot--we have lost them and anything that resembles a pie from the old GP will do the trick. Sorry, I expected much more and in this case 'less is not more!'