Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How stupid can they get? French magazine's cynical actions.

It is reported today that a French magazine is about to publish some cartoons that will even ‘shock those who are hard to shock.’ I am of course talking about images that deeply offend Muslims. Having seen the snippets from the film that caused so much reaction around the world, I see this latest move as nothing more than a publicity stunt. I also see it as a hate crime in a most sinister form.
The film that has caused so much angst represented a level of ignorance that is child-like, but to knowingly go out to provoke even more violent reactions is tantamount to supreme stupidity and I suspect headlining behaviour. It is pretty damn obvious that the magazine’s sales will reach new heights.
How can the producers of this magazine justify their act? They will no doubt claim freedom of the press and that it is their right to publish what their readers want, but they need to know that they are also responsible for the inevitable deaths of embassy staff, many of whom are local citizens of the countries where the embassies or consulates are situated. More policemen and women will be injured and others will be caught up in the violence.
I do not support those committing violence, but the actions of this magazine are nothing more than premeditated murder, because the owners and controllers of the magazine know exactly what they are doing. No words can convey a position that they can be cast as proud defenders of freedom. The bottom line? ---- Freedom comes with responsibilities.