Thursday, May 19, 2016

I want to have a little 'push' for ROSKILL and Talk To Me.

It has been a while since I pushed Roskill and Talk To Me. Both books are on Kindle and can be accessed via my website. Just follow the links. There is even a free Kindle AP on there. The two books are totally different, but I think a 'bot of me comes through. You just can't take the 'Neil,' completely out of my books. I am 'pushing them,' because I am leaving my employment as a school counsellor, after many years. The job has informed me in ways that sometimes come out in my stories and although not 'factual,' the stories are the tears, laughter and experiences of both myself (re the food and geographical settings) and my clients. There is no doubt that I am entering a different world re finances! The 'good and very dependable salary' is going to be a 'resource' I can no longer take for granted. Yes, I shall be seeing a few private clients so that IO can keep my counselling skills current and will also be offering supervision to other counsellors. I do not intend to let that take more than about a day and a half----so what am I intending to do--to spend all that TIME? I am moving out of the big smoke and becoming a JAR! That is the 'nice' term the people in Thames (NZ) use for Aucklander---JUST ANOTHER REFUGEE!) So---apart from the clients I will come back to see in Auckland, using a 'yet to be purchased campervan as an office, I shall be gardening, fishing and just---whatever comes my way. Will I be writing more books. Well---I do have a huge incomplete work--that needs to be split into three books, but I no longer have the means to self-publish that. I thought of trying to 'Crowd fund it,' but that seems like a pathway with too many hooks, so I guess it will come back to achieving some real sales figures for my two books, already 'out there,' ROSKILL and Talk To Me. Please share my website with your friends and circles and let's see if that can act as a de facto 'Crowd Funding exercise.' If that fails, I shall return to 'subsistence gardening and swapping produce at the Thames Markets! OH---there are the chooks, of course. Expect some blogs re my move to Thames, with lots of stories about my trials and tribulations. SHARE and then some peeps.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

THis has happenned before---this time it's Germany!

Every so often I get multiple hits on my blog from one country. Usually it has been from Israel and any attempts to contact Google for an explanation are met with---no response! I simply do not believe that the 'hits' are genuine. Why would I achieve hundreds, if not thousands of hits in one day from one country? This time it is---Germany---920 hits all of a sudden. Can anyone shed any light on what might be happening? I see a 'dark side,' and worry about what my blog is being used for. Sure the numbers look good and I wish it then equated to 'downloads' for my books, but no----I can see no benefit re these 'hits.' Oh well. Perhaps forces are operating 'out there' that I am completely unaware of.