Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Huia Cafe and Shop---worth the trip.

Today was the last day of my holiday. From tomorrow on, it will be back to the hurly-burly of a large secondary school, working with the students, teachers, families and the wider community to help our students achieve the very best from their school years.
 I decided to head out west and take Perdy to the Kakamatua Inlet for a blast because it may be a while before we are able to enjoy that fabulous place again. I have already described and shown just how wonderful Kakamatua is, (in previous blogs) for doggies and for humans. I decided to end the trip by having lunch (with my sister) at the cafĂ© we had seen at the tiny Huia village, which is just over 3 kilometres further to the west. I am so glad we did.
We were able to select some gluten free options and for me, a smaller version of a couscous salad. We enjoyed our meals and had the feeling that rushing belonged to another world, somewhere back in the city we had escaped from for the day. The coffee was also excellent.
So, if you are looking for a beautiful little hideaway for a few hours, head west like we did. You will not regret it. I love the 'west' and wouldn't mind being called a 'Westie.'  (being relaunched in a few weeks)

Sochi--- a very real problem for Russia.

I genuinely wish that the Sochi Games go forward without any problems for the Russians. The last thing we wish to see is the senseless loss of life due to actions taken by extremist Islamic groups. Yes, there are issue re Gay inclusion and how that pans out in the rest of Russia but bombings do not solve that. May peace reign in Sochi!

NZ flag debate==it suits Key to have that around the election time, because it takes the pressure off him.

I am not saying that the debate about whether NZ should look to finding a new flag is an important one, but I am saying that Keys is cynically using the issue ton fog other issues that we should look at first---the real direction in which NZ is going. Should it be under his leadership or Cunliffe's. That is the real issue. The flag can wait and taken on it's own through  well thought out and inclusive discussion, followed by a referendum. Some of course would say it is even more important than the election, but lets separate the two. So, Mr Key, leave off until after the election and concentrate on the future direction of NZ; one that includes all NZers, and not just those who gain from your vision---your mates! Perhaps it is good that the issue of the flag came up now, because that gives 'thinking' NZers more time to reconvene the discussion about 'where we are going from here as a country.' Yes, the flag can wait, even though it is an emotional issue. (site being reworked and up again a in a few weeks from today---29/1/14)