Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NZ flag debate==it suits Key to have that around the election time, because it takes the pressure off him.

I am not saying that the debate about whether NZ should look to finding a new flag is an important one, but I am saying that Keys is cynically using the issue ton fog other issues that we should look at first---the real direction in which NZ is going. Should it be under his leadership or Cunliffe's. That is the real issue. The flag can wait and taken on it's own through  well thought out and inclusive discussion, followed by a referendum. Some of course would say it is even more important than the election, but lets separate the two. So, Mr Key, leave off until after the election and concentrate on the future direction of NZ; one that includes all NZers, and not just those who gain from your vision---your mates! Perhaps it is good that the issue of the flag came up now, because that gives 'thinking' NZers more time to reconvene the discussion about 'where we are going from here as a country.' Yes, the flag can wait, even though it is an emotional issue. (site being reworked and up again a in a few weeks from today---29/1/14)

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