Friday, August 23, 2013

Here's your chance, Labour. You must make this process open and clean!

So far, Labour hasn't jumped headlong into the personality driven debacles we have witnessed in the past. The rule change made at the last conference could well work in the party's favour, if only the candidates, and equally, their supporters keep to the 'plan.' One only needed to go to Facebook in the past and read the pathetically emotionally charged comments from various supporters, to know that the opposing Governing party  would be jumping with joy. It was a spectacle in itself, reading those statements. What is sad is that these very people expected the public to take the 'battle for the leadership' of the Labour Party seriously, when all they were contributing was a sense that Labour could never get its act together.
OK, enough said on that subject. Now, lets look forward to, and even enjoy the upcoming round of the 'primary-like' events and observe the process of electing a new leader. The 'code of conduct,' should be stuck to rigorously and any candidate veering from it, suffer the consequences.
So far, I have not indicated a preference for any of the possible candidates, because this time, I believe that the process will deliver us someone capable of galvanizing the party into achieving the 'main goal' of giving us a Government that will listen to the people of NZ. Yes, we all know that a certain arrogance can creep in, but have we not learnt enough from past experience to keep pressure on them to keep them honest?
For all of those passionate people, lining up behind their preferred candidate, you too have a part to play; by staying within reasonable bounds and not inflaming the situation. If you do that, you are delivering New Zealand into another three years of the Key-led Government. That is what is at stake-simple!