Saturday, August 9, 2014

MiNDFOOD---thanks for the publicity re Roskill.

I am most impressed by the way MiNDFOOD carried my Bariatric Surgery 'story' in the September issue of their magazine. Not only did they do that, but they also gave me some priceless publicity for ROSKILL. I hate to think how much that would have cost if I had paid for it. Naturally I am telling all my friends to buy the magazine and to check it out online via their 'subscribe' system. It has been a double journey for me: one that I share with my dear friends on the Bariatric Surgery Support group on Facebook. They too have a story to tell and I am so proud of them, most of whom I have not yet met----YET---but I plan to. Thank you to Doug, Mel, Janice, MarryJane, Ahi and the rest of you. Our group is growing. We can all tell our stories and none of us tell others to follow our exact same route because we are all different. One thing we have in common (apart form the increased clothing bill!) is that we have our lives back. Thanks dear FB friends.

Australia hits on Roskill!=== Neil Coleman's hard hitting book about a parent's foley.

Why are Australians reading Roskill? The book that all parents should read and teenagers relate to has caught the attention od MiNDFOOD. Go check lout the September edition of MiNDFOOD and find out why. Then, either download the EBook version or buy the hard copy. Follow the links.