Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Joko Widodo, the popular Governor of Jakarta wins Indonesian eelctions.

Despite all attmepts from his opponent, (Subianto, the ex General with a 'doubtful past.)Joko Widodo has won the Presidential elections for Indonesia. Now is the time for Indonesia to prove to itslelf and to the world that it has reached that state whereby it can run fair and honest elections and that the people, unlike other nations, accept that result. All too foten we have seen vast unrully crowds on the streets of capitals,trying to turn the results around. OK, in some cases, the reasons were valid, but Indonesia, despite some issues, has gone beyond that stage. It has matured, after having suffered from a terrible period in its past under Suharto. Indonesia is on a roll; its economy is expanding and more people are joining the middle classes and those are the ones who will safe guard the gains made in the last decade. Sure, there are corruption issues; very few nations are clean in that respect; sure there are areas and regions of Indonesia where there are unfufilled aspirations to be 'separate' from Indonesia, but as things improve, perhaps those can be relalized too. President, 'elect,' Widodo--I wish you well in your massive task--- to keep building your democratic nation and that your people share in the wealth and opportunity that your country possesses. You are a shining light to the rest of the region. We need that stability, where so often other forces would rule.Hopefully, we see you in NZ soon. www.authorneilcoleman.com

Snippets from new Zealand today---and ---just NZ!

I shall keep it short and free from the terrible events overseas. Let's stay KIWI! 1) Auckland health authorities are expecting a surge in flu-like afflictions over the next few weeks. It seems that the hospityals are strecthed to the,imit as people head for the free servoes that are available in NZ. A plea has gone out for people to only go to A and E departments if they deam their situations to be serious. Judgement will be high on everyone's list, eh. Oh well, it is better to be safe than sorry, even if that means overworking our already dilligent doctors and nurses in NZ's excellent public health serice. 2) Valerie Adamns, New Zealand's version of Wonder Woman' or the world's best 'shot-putter,' is going to be the Queen for the day as she holds high NZ's banner at the entry and opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, the land of the free and possibly newly independant nation, if a large portion of that said country's people have their way soon. Valerie will enter the stadium with her head held high ion the knowledge that no one has beaten her at her chosen sport in more than 50 'meets.' Fabulous! 3) If you have chikens, you better count them! Yes, you must not have more than 6 or the city council will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Now we can't have that or your little egg-producing friends may get squished. Now, that doesn't mean that you can off-load your excess feathery delights into our public parks, adding to the dog crap that already lays in waiting for unsuspecting walkers. Yuck. I always pick up Perdy's little additions. So if ya got chooks, mates, count the buggers! How very ----rural eh! 4) David---you havn't said sorry today---yet---so please keep it that way. We don';t want you knonw as the guy who would be King' always started with--'I am so sorry for---whatever the feck it is for the day.' Y0ou have good policies and that is what we want to hear. NO more crocodile tears, just policy, policy and then some. Keep us informed, becuase there is enough shite going on that make us all feel sorry on your behalf! AS FOR the rest of the world---may we have a day off please! I like my little spot down at the bottom of the South Pacific! www.authorneilcoleman.com

Mike Hosking fell in love ----with a dunny seat!

Mike Hosking sometimes bores me---he has an attitude that can get right up one's ---well you get the picture. He can dish out the brown stuff on almost anyone; he can be quick off the mark to insult, decry or bring someone down a peg or two---yeah that's not such a bad thing. Sometimes I enjoy his antics, both on radio and on TV. I guess what I am saying is hat he is not your 'stuck in the middle,' nice guy next door. That he is opinionated and 'hacks' into that part of us that wants to say what he says, but just can't quite bring ourselves to doing it, because we don't want people to think ill of us. Not Mike---if he thinks it, he says it! 'Take it or leave it folks,' he seems to say. Every so often he leaves me in a state of---well---almost wetting myself! Take tonight's Seven Sharp, when Mike decided to describe his incredible experience in Tokyo---with a toilet! Mike came across this toilet 'set-up' that did everything except--cook your breakfast and I am not totally sure that it didn't! Mike was out from behind whatever passes for a seat on the set of the show and he grabbed his 'pointer' (no I am not being rude!)and proceeded to point out the features of the said toilet. It seems that it cleans your bum in three different settings, air dries, from multi directions, warms your butt, just to describe a few of the 'features.' Wouldn't you know it---Mike tried them all---at the same time! His eyes shone as he reminisced about his wonderful toilet experience. Such is life eh, Mike. One can get pleasure in the most essential places. Good on ya! Something tells me that such a device will appear very soon in the Hosking's residence. www.authorneilcoleman.com