Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mike Hosking fell in love ----with a dunny seat!

Mike Hosking sometimes bores me---he has an attitude that can get right up one's ---well you get the picture. He can dish out the brown stuff on almost anyone; he can be quick off the mark to insult, decry or bring someone down a peg or two---yeah that's not such a bad thing. Sometimes I enjoy his antics, both on radio and on TV. I guess what I am saying is hat he is not your 'stuck in the middle,' nice guy next door. That he is opinionated and 'hacks' into that part of us that wants to say what he says, but just can't quite bring ourselves to doing it, because we don't want people to think ill of us. Not Mike---if he thinks it, he says it! 'Take it or leave it folks,' he seems to say. Every so often he leaves me in a state of---well---almost wetting myself! Take tonight's Seven Sharp, when Mike decided to describe his incredible experience in Tokyo---with a toilet! Mike came across this toilet 'set-up' that did everything except--cook your breakfast and I am not totally sure that it didn't! Mike was out from behind whatever passes for a seat on the set of the show and he grabbed his 'pointer' (no I am not being rude!)and proceeded to point out the features of the said toilet. It seems that it cleans your bum in three different settings, air dries, from multi directions, warms your butt, just to describe a few of the 'features.' Wouldn't you know it---Mike tried them all---at the same time! His eyes shone as he reminisced about his wonderful toilet experience. Such is life eh, Mike. One can get pleasure in the most essential places. Good on ya! Something tells me that such a device will appear very soon in the Hosking's residence. www.authorneilcoleman.com

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