Monday, July 21, 2014

Pro-Russian 'gangsters' have much to hide.

If the Pro-Russian separatist fighter had nothing to hide, then they would not be putting in road blocks in any manner for the Government forces or the airline investigator units as they go about their search for 'answers' to the tragedy. Instead they have strung out the process, stood-over investigators and interfered with the evidence, both in the form of bodies and the objects in the luggage of the passengers and the actual plane itself. At times they have been threatening and at best only marginally ‘helpful.’ It has taken a great deal of pressure from various governments in order to get even a modicum of cooperation. Why is this so other than for reasons of hiding the truth? Sure we are getting a different story from RT about various theories that pertain to proving that the missile was not fired from Pro-Russian territory and even one claim, backed up with maps and ‘facts’ about the possibility of the missile being fired from Ukrainian Government held areas or even from a Ukrainian war plane. There is always a remote possibility that this could be so, but so far the evidence says otherwise and the behaviours of the separatists, with the ‘spectre ‘of Uncle Putin standing firmly behind then, say something quite different. If the latter’s claim of the innocence of the separatists was true, then why the stubborn subterfuge and downright nastiness. That all indicates a level of guilt about something that went wrong. Fess up, ‘rebels,’ and Mr Putin—can you not see that the truth is very different than the story you put about; one more to do with your dreams of a ‘phoenix-like’ new born Soviet Republic, but one ruled by your heavy hand. That is the bottom-line---not the aspirations of a group of criminal fighters—many of whom would soon disappear once you gain back the territories you believe you have lost. They will go the same way as the ‘Brown shirts’ of Nazi Germany, once you have no more use for them!

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