Sunday, March 29, 2015

When a 'game' consumes a nation!

Without a doubt, for the past few months, a ’game’ has taken New Zealanders on an emotional roller coaster. We have experienced mind blowing highs and nail-biting finishes. Stories abound as to how people have coped with the ’stress of it all,’ from going off and baking rather than watch (Me!) or poking heads around the kitchen door, just to sneak a look at the screen, which was naturally on ‘mute!’ I am of course talking about the Cricket World Cup. New Zealanders have had one hell of a party and it wasn’t until last night, when we knew after the first ‘over,’ that things were not going to go our way! When one of our ‘favourite sons’ was bowled out, we knew that it would be all uphill and unless some sort of Australian collapse ensued, then we were doomed to be ‘bridesmaids, once again’ to our Aussie cousins. Such a position is one that we have coped with nay times in our sporting history. Our bigger, brash and very successful neighbour see it as a ‘natural state of things’ between our two nations. To them, it is what defines them and for us, knocking tem off the ‘cocky perches’ is a national past-time! Yes we do achieve the ‘almost impossible from time to time in a number of fields, not just on the sporting one. No doubt today, we will hear the call that we ‘have done ourselves proud,’ and we actually got to the WCC final, something we have never done, but we will always rue the day that we did not progress to the stage, the one in which we received the trophy, that we had so longed collectively dreamed about. Hell, we even had 1.2 billion new Citizens praying for us, willing us to win, in the form of India, amongst others! Victory was just not to be and today we wake up to another day ion the knowledge that we have been defeated, once again by our nemesis, Australia. We must acknowledge that we were well beaten, by a better team on the day, one that had gradually built during the tournament. Perhaps that victory we had over them in the early rounds, pushed them to retaliate---when it counted! New Zealand is just 4.5 million. We forget that at times, refusing to believe that a smaller population consigns us to some sort of subservience to the rest of the world. Kiwis know better and the family of nations knows that perhaps, more so than we do! The sound of the Kiwi anthem will be heard again on the world stage! Time now to reflect on what we have achieved of late, my fellow countrymen and women!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cricket World Cup official site---well no, but------

I had to laugh today when I read a Face Book page saying that NZ's population has just gone up from 4.5 million to 1.2 billion, I was perplexed until I 'understood.' Then---I laughed myself silly, quite an easy thing for me to do. It seems that the entire population of India is pushing for a NZ victory tomorrow in Melbourne, against our ANZAC cousins. Then when I went to my local dairy I(no I am not going to make one of those absurd jokes!)my friendly diary owner, one of the two who work there, whom I have become very fond of, expanded that concept to add another half billion, courtesy of the citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa and Sri Lanka! Hell---is anyone rooting for the Aussies? I wont go into why that may be so! This post is an experiment.#goblackcaps supported by and the vast majority of people in my circles. Why the hashtags? Well, I just want to see if by using them, my hits will increase, yes the 'outing' of Roskill! What an unashamedly commercial angle to my post! I admit it so don't bother accusing me of such---that will just have the opposite affect of what your 'shots' were intended. #Roskillbyneilcoleman LOL There I go again. OK, back to the 'game! #NZthumpsaussie and #aussiesbleat and #bringonthesheepjokes. Damn, this is such fun. So---contribute to the multiple threads of this post and give it your best. Remember though #cricketisjustagame! Really? People--above all--just enjoy this fabulous time, wherever you are form and may the game be the best ever.#ofcourseNZwillwin

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cheap and cheaper! Please explain the 'huge differences in pricing re gas in various parts of Auckland!

Maybe I shouldn’t be putting this ‘out there,’ because it may cause a rush and end the ‘gains’ I am glad to part of re the prices of filling my car. I seem to have fitted into a comfortable pattern when it comes to gassing up my car. If I hit the pumps in central parts of Auckland I am paying about $1.90 per litre but if I manage my trips carefully, I am able to achieve a full tank for about $1.69 per litre. That is a massive difference and for my car it amounts to about $9 a tank. If one had a larger car the savings would really mount up—maybe upwards of $20 per tank. Spread that over the year and the savings are significant. For me, I have worked it out as more than $250 per year. What is driving this ‘fact?’ Is it that costs are less in the ‘burbs?’ That is the only conclusion I can arrive at. Maybe you who ‘deem ourselves to be economic wizzes’ can enlighten me further. I look forward to your postings. #getagooddeal

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Where the hell did 'that ' come from?

So you need a reminder that you are---getting older; that the Gold Card is just around the corner? You probably don’t want to think too much about that, because it has other connotations re your longevity. You could always sink into depression at the thought of the ‘gradual degradation’ of the body, the one that once graced ‘catwalks,’ or sandy beaches, without a negative thought in your young head. Oh come on---if you get that far in life, maybe it’s time to lighten up. Maybe just ‘living the moment’ is the philosophy one should hold to. For me that slight realization hit me yesterday. I was walking with my ‘extended family’ down at the beautiful ‘bay with the ray,’ stopping to talk and to introduce people to my extended family.’ The ray? ---what ray. It was just a big lie, because we didn’t see it. Never mind, they have all seen the postings on FB and elsewhere so they know I am not making it all up! While encountering a ‘bay friend,’ I was interrupted by Perdy licking the back of my leg. I told her to stop but she kept coming back. I looked down and noticed a long cut—it was red and bleeding—just a little but ‘Miss you know who,’ was exercising her medical intervention. She always finds such injuries—even the ones that I had no idea I had inflicted upon myself. For the life of me, I have no idea where and when it occurred! OK---some of you will take the same attitude that you took to the article on Stuff that had people claiming that they let their dogs kiss them in the belief that it ‘improves their health.’ I will not go that far but I do let Perdy lick little cuts and abrasions and I swear that the next day, such wounds are well on the way to being heeled. You can make up your own mid on both issues! That night after everyone had gone I was on my computer (it’s OK, I am not so big now and I don’t break it when I sit on it!) when I noticed the recent scars and blotches on my hands. They were not all ‘age spots,’ although there are some; they were heeled stuff from God knows when. A cut mark here, another there—WTF is going on? It seems that I am collecting the buggers. Hell, at this rate I will look like a survivor from some ‘reality game in the wilds.’ All I can do is laugh at myself and try to make sure that I don’t lose an actual hand in my obvious wild flapping around as I walk and go about my day. I guess one good thing about all this is that now that I am much healthier, the damn things clear up more quickly. Not so long ago, these ‘badges of courage,’ stayed with me! Also---I am now out and about more, in order to collect them, so it’s not all bad.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Possible 'P' Lab in Mt Roskill.

On the way home from the 'Bay,' yesterday, I was listening to talk-back radio (yes I do, because I like to hear what 'people are saying about things!)when my attention was 'arrested' by an item that informed me that a street not too far from my home, just off Dominion Rd, was closed to traffic as police cordoned off a house that they suspected was a P lab.' Jesus, Mary and Joseph,' I thought, 'surely not this close to home.' I have yet to hear the outcome but we can assume that here is another home, poisoned by this insidious nasty practice by criminals, who care nothing about the flow-on affects---to the future tenants of the house once it is 'cleaned,' to the owners, who have to spend so much to get the house habitable again, losing income and to the recipients of the drug, whose lives will be affected so badly. We face an ongoing battle against 'P,' (methamphetamine) as is continues to wreck havoc in our communities, taking no account of social status, ethnicity or geographic factors. Read about my take as a family fights to win back their father when he enters the dark world of 'P.' Go to my website to buy or download your copy of ROSKILL.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Don't laugh--bet you have done it too! OK---laugh your whatever off!

It’s 6.45am. and time to leave. I stick my stuff in the car and say goodbye to my little house. I’m on the motorway before the heavy traffic, something I always like to avoid. The talkback is bright and breezy and someone is going on about the upcoming Cricket quarter finals, involving NZ’s next game against the West Indies. I ‘sort of’ listen to it but I am also a little distracted by the sunrise---wish I could have seen the colours in the sky as reported in the news from a few days ago. Apparently the lights in the sky were dramatic and could have been seen from parts of Auckland---no such luck---wrong time of the day and it may have been en event that will not be seen again for many years. I am all over the place this morning. Before I know it, I am heading down the big hill, just before the bay. I am in the left hand lane and I turn off at Onehunga, turn left again and pull into the car park. I jump out of the car to let out Perdy, who had been very quiet, an unusual occurrence for her. Usually she barks for the last few hundred metres, in anticipation of her first mad dash across the sand, chasing her orange ball. What! No Perdy—I forgot her. Hang on, what the hell am I doing here? It’s a work day. I have managed to loose myself in my thoughts and ended up at the ‘bay.’ I look around. Thank goodness—no cars—no embarrassing explanations as to why I am getting back in to my car---and going to work! Oh well, tomorrow things will be put right. Don’t tell anyone of my little misadventure! I won’t if you won’t. I will be back to the bay, later this afternoon, with Perdy. Bye Stingray!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Where is Mr Putin?

While the whole world was watching the drama of NZ’s version of X Factor unfold (NOT!) and the subsequent firing of two of the judges, an important event seems to have been missing the headlines. That of course is the strange goings on in Russia and the complete absence of Putin from daily events. Normally this macho guy is on the news, lambasting the USA and anyone else who disagrees with him or he is trying to put his spin on events in Ukraine. He has a particular way of appearing shirtless, hunting or partaking in an outdoor ‘blokesy’ past-time, further endearing himself to the Russian masses (and a few overseas fans too!) who seem to love this image he projects so ‘ably.’ But this has all been missing of late, for at least 11 days and counting. The rumour machine has been very busy, projecting all manner of explanations, ranging for the absurd to the even more absurd. Abduction by aliens of course being the most possible of impossibilities. There has been a ‘love child’ mentioned and one source (the Israelis) saying that there has been a coup! I cannot remember a Russian leader who has gone completely off the radar, in the time on this earth. Even if Putin was taking some time off, he would have taken the chance to garner some publicity, in his attempts to connect with the Russian people. Something is amiss! Has he been forced from power, or died---either murdered or through an illness? Not announcing an event as suggested, can only world for a short time---before the rumour machine goes to even more giddy heights. For someone who has held power for so long; for someone who had the law changed to allow tis and for a person who ‘removes’ his opposition and controls the media so ‘effectively,’ this is all so strange. Surely he would have been able to come up with a plan to keep himself in the public’s eye; after all, each day without him ‘obviously at the helm, weakens any possible comeback. Putin has most certainly collected enemies in his rise to power and his subsequent domination of Russian politics. One of these people (those whom he hasn’t managed to expunge permanently, must have been gathering their forces for a possible overthrow of Russia’s version of a nearby leader on the Far East! In the next few days we are going to hear about his return and a reasonably believable excuse will be ‘laundered’ by the Kremlin or---Russia will announce a new leader and God knows what for the future! It may even be enough to remove The X-Factor from the headlines. I bloody hope so!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

When are people going to get the message about the consequences for dealing in drugs in SEA?

The prisoner 'swap' swap idea was never going to grow legs! Why on earth would Indonesia, put all the publicity about the 'costs of exection' and various other related expences in the public domain, then agree to a very expensive swap of three Indonesian prisoners in Australian jails? From a purely economic point of view that doesn't make sense! Mnd you---there are many factors that leave a bad taste on ones mouth. Take for instance the macabre pictures of Indonesian army members posing for pictures with the 'condemned' men. A bit sick, don't you think? But that still leaves the fact that after al the media attention, one would think that 'people' would get the point that dealing in drugs, leads to a pretty 'one way' furture in South East Asia--a long prison stay with a date with a bullet at the end of the day! Bali Nine: Executions could be delayed, but no prisoner swap - World - NZ Herald NewsThe executions of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan could be further delayed, but Indonesia's president has said no way to a prisoner swap offer. - New Zealand CancelShare LinkPublicPublicPublicLimit audience by: Limit audience by: Location / LanguagePublic.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Raybans or ban the rays! Onehunga Bay back in the news.

The stingrays down at Onehunga Bay have created quite stir; not just in the muddy depths of this ‘being redeveloped bay,’ but in the media. When the Council ‘unwittingly’ caused the deaths of at least 4 stingrays, through its inaction, or at the very least slack maintenance of the gates that control the ebb and flow of the water in the bay, there was a huge outcry, getting as far as the news on TV3 and causing quite a ripple on the FB Page (Dog lovers of Onehunga Bay) that seems to have arisen as the ‘bay’ becomes the iconic ‘place to go’ as it once was many years ago. People were genuinely saddened at what they perceived to be the unnecessary deaths of those curious creatures. Watching them as they glided through the shallows, seeking food from the bottom and breaking the surface like a submarine with its periscope. For some the sight may even have been a bit daunting, as they recalled the events surrounding the death of Steve Irwin. I have to say that I heard a few un-PC comments relating to that tragic incident, the parallel being a tad too much for my senses! One could say that the rays have stirred up a great deal more than ‘mud.’ Several weeks on and more progress made re the development of the bay, we can now say that the rays are back in town, well at least one of them is. The new arrival is a big sod----I estimate it to be near a metre on width, with a long barb that I would not want to stand near, of the magnificent beast deicide to take a swing at me! Therein lies the issue that is now casing some debate amongst the people on the FB page and others. Is the ray a potential danger to dogs and people? There is a discussion going on, re that possibility. Perhaps the ray(s) should be relocated back to where they belong, in the harbour. People of this view are undecided as to whether the ray could inflict some damage. I am suggesting that we ask the experts, but one is left with the underlying doubt about whether ‘they’ agree. One would hope that Kelly Tarletons, the Auckland Zoo and others could put their views forward. Then, if there is agreement that the rays pose a threat, we are left with the question of ‘what to do.’ Are we going to see a hunt each time a ray appears, because that is certain---they will be back. The gates may need to be ‘adjusted’ so that larger fish and rays cannot enter the bay. One thing seems sure---once they come in, it seems they don’t or can’t leave! Does that mean an expensive ‘rescue operation?’ The old adage about ‘who is going to pay,’ will no doubt be the factor that ‘Raybans!’ I couldn’t help that---sorry! I do not want to see people taking this issue as one that they solve on their own. There must be discussion. We don’t need vigilantes! Nor do we wish a dog or a person hurt by a ray. The rays delight many of those visiting the bay. There is nothing quite like sitting at the far end of the bay, under that tree, on hot day, with the tide at a low ebb, watching as a ripple approaches you, then the a flipper brakes the surface as the ray changes direction or slides beneath the surface. Sometimes I see a shag surface in its place---they seem to live peacefully with the rays---can we?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

That 'under-arm' bowl---time to put it where it belongs-----

Aussies and Kiwis have fought together on numerous battlefields and against one another on the sport fields of both countries and on fields far away, re the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and other venues. The result is always one involving a lot of passion. We are bloody good at supporting one another in times of trouble and even better at ‘shoving at each other’ when needed,’ in sports and other encounters. When the chips are down we seek the support of the other but usually it comes before asking. BUT---there was a famous incident back in the 90s, when a famous Aussie had the gall to pitch an under-arm bowl at a Kiwi in a cricket match that mattered. The repercussions of this act have rung through the years, a clarion call to remind the Aussies of that day. Kiwis bring it up at every opportunity and the Aussies try to give some stick back. However the Kiwis have claimed the ‘higher ground’ and resisted all efforts to let it go! That time has come. Let’s forget it---time to move on. There are new challenges, both on the sporting filed and in those endeavours where we need that ANZAC spirit. The weekend was an excellent example of the epic struggles we step up to on the cricket pitch. What a game and what a memory---way better than the negativity of the past. Are ya hearing me, folks!?