Thursday, March 19, 2015

Don't laugh--bet you have done it too! OK---laugh your whatever off!

It’s 6.45am. and time to leave. I stick my stuff in the car and say goodbye to my little house. I’m on the motorway before the heavy traffic, something I always like to avoid. The talkback is bright and breezy and someone is going on about the upcoming Cricket quarter finals, involving NZ’s next game against the West Indies. I ‘sort of’ listen to it but I am also a little distracted by the sunrise---wish I could have seen the colours in the sky as reported in the news from a few days ago. Apparently the lights in the sky were dramatic and could have been seen from parts of Auckland---no such luck---wrong time of the day and it may have been en event that will not be seen again for many years. I am all over the place this morning. Before I know it, I am heading down the big hill, just before the bay. I am in the left hand lane and I turn off at Onehunga, turn left again and pull into the car park. I jump out of the car to let out Perdy, who had been very quiet, an unusual occurrence for her. Usually she barks for the last few hundred metres, in anticipation of her first mad dash across the sand, chasing her orange ball. What! No Perdy—I forgot her. Hang on, what the hell am I doing here? It’s a work day. I have managed to loose myself in my thoughts and ended up at the ‘bay.’ I look around. Thank goodness—no cars—no embarrassing explanations as to why I am getting back in to my car---and going to work! Oh well, tomorrow things will be put right. Don’t tell anyone of my little misadventure! I won’t if you won’t. I will be back to the bay, later this afternoon, with Perdy. Bye Stingray!

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