Thursday, November 20, 2014

Indonesia--you present yourself as a forward thinking modern nation---but virginity tests for your female police recruits?

When I first saw reports on FB about female recruits undergoing 'intrusive,' traumatic virginity tests, all in the name or 'moral behaviour,' I was aghast. But several news reports later, I am forced to accept that this is indeed happening. Come on Mr Widodo--here is your chance to put an end to this barbaric practise. Show some strength and solidarity with the women in Indonesia and bring about change. Do men also undergo some sort of test? Of course they don't! Indonesia has made huge strides in its struggle to bring a better life for its citizens and is showing real progress in its fight against the extremists within the country who would take this proud nation back to something more akin with what we bare seeing in other Islamic countries. The newly elected President is well aware of the forces that mitigate against the aims he espouses as the way forward for Indonesia, but this example if how things 'used to be,' must be firmly expunged and consigned to the past. www.authorneilcoleman.