Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tofu and an airfryer---a marriage made in ----ah---my place!

I know----- you've sort of heard it all from me before---'he's got another toy from the online shops!' Yes, I brought an Airfryer and it's bloody good. I have tried some of the recipes that come with the package and yes, I changed them to suit my tastes and gave them a boost== that's what do! Yes, I have done the chicken, chips, fish and a few other delights. I will no doubt 'invent' many other recipes. here's one that will challenge even the 'haters' of tofu to change their minds about this healthy alternative t meat! CRUNCHY TOFU/ Buy some fresh firm tofu. Cut it into cubes and marinade it in almost anything. I used sesame oil mixed with balsamic vinegar, chilly flakes and soy sauce and topped it all up with water to cover. After and hour I drained it and stuck it in a plastic bag. Into the bag I shoved about two tablespoons of gluten free baking mix (you can use flour) and more sesame seeds and crushed nuts. I tossed it all; and then placed the tofu pieces on the wrack and cooked it in the Airfryer at 200C for twenty minutes. I took it out and shook it and gave it another ten minutes. Keep an eye on it and once it darkens (shake some oil and soy sauce into it) and feels crunchy on the outside, it's ready. If you still don't like the result---you are indeed lost to your boring old same as, same as way of living! Oh well--one can't pleased everybody. I am sure the characters in Roskill, would love it!

Maliki=====it's time you 'resigned."

It is becoming increasingly obvious that PM Maliki of Iraq is totally incapable of uniting his country. His main aim is simply to retain power. He is unable to work with the elected Kurdish President and even factions within his own ethnic group do not want him. Is it any wonder that the Islamic State fighters are able to cower his army and attack the people of Iraq at will? If he does not depart the political scene he is condemning his country to further disunity and violence and the very real prospect of a victory to the Islamic State. If that happens the people of Iraq will suffer needlessly. Whoever takes over from this 'power at all costs' man, then they will need a great deal of support from the international community if Iraq is going to be anything other than a 'description on a map.'

Kurds---your time has come!

IT is time that the group we call Kurds should have theri own nation. They have suffered at the hands of overbearing colonialits and other overlords for centuries; in Turkey, the former USSR, Syria and Iraq. Now they are trying to deflend an area in the North of Iraq from the military incursion of the Islamic State fighters. If they fail in this endeavour, they are doomed to annilation at the hands of this cruel and dangerous group of religious thugs. They along with other minorities are being forced to either pay 'proection money, convert to Iislam, flee the areas they have inhabiited for eons or die. They have been resiliant up until now but the Islamic State fighters seem to have aquired waepons that are superior to those the Kurds have. Christinas are also unsafe in Iraq and Syria and we have witnessed them too leaving theri homes and seeking p[rotection in the Kurdish controlled aeas. Perhaps the only hope for many minority groups is the estbalishment of a Kurdish antion; one that accpets others as part of a new state. They have so far proven to be much more accepting of other 'faiths' than any of the alternative governments or those apsiring to 'rule' this region. With the entry of the USA and possibly the UK, perhaps the tide will turn. President Obama has reluectanlty ordered his bombers and drones back into the sky abive this God-forsaken region. This time the calls for them to desist are much quieter. Whilst uncomfortable with most actions of this sort, this time I quietly agree.

China----hey---you are closing in on the UK!

It is only a matter of a few days before China overtakes the UK re the number of hits on my site. That's great. If only that wuld translate into download for my book, ROSKILL. Perhaps yu have seen the article in MiNDFOOD, a very prestigious magazine that featured my bariatric Surgery journey and also placed a very good article about Roskill. If yu can't get the magazine in China, you nost certainly get it online. Goand search it----MiNDFOOD. Check out the Septemeber issue, pages 44 and 45. Pricelss exposure for me.

Small town New Zealand (or not so small!) Take a look at Te Awamutu!

I had the pleasure of travelling away from the 'big sticks,' that is Auckland on Saturday to visit a dear friend in Te Awamutua , or 'TA,' as the locals call it. With me, were my sister and a friend who goes back many years and is facing a very challenging time at the moment. TA is a prosperous farming town, with its associated industries and companies serving the expanded area. It is also close enough to Hamilton (On the main road to Taranaki)to be a viable 'outer suburb,' where a person can live and not pay the huge prices re rent or purchasing a house, something very different to the situation of those struggling in the big cities. One has to wonder why so many of us 'choose' to stay trapped in that mindless and tiring battle to keep afloat, living week to week, just to make ends meet. I wish it was possible for more NZers to be able to live in one of these very vialble towns. If one looks closley, it seems that most of the services available to us in the cities, are there for the experiencing too, even if the choices may be a bit less. There is a multi-theatre complex with the smallest being an intimate 15 seater, ranging up to the the bigger 'models.' The shopping is good and if one wishes even more choice, Hamilton (which is growing at a heady pace) is just up the road. Many of the 'smaller towns,' are 'on the way' to other interesting places, conveniently placed to take advantage of a great deal of what NZ has to offer. Why do we continue to grind out a living in the cities like Auckland, when there is such a plethora of choices? WE must develop our regions and I hope the election focuses on this aspect of NZ. Much has changed over the years to make this possible, not the least being the abiltiy of people to be able to work from home, using the 'Net.' Latest figures show that working from home, even if only for a portion of the week, is really happening.The more viable our towns become, the healthier the nation. Let's hear from our politicians at this important time in our history. Lets hear some ideas about how we can rejuvinate our towns. We will be better as a nation and maybe one in which the gaps that are increasingly becoming a terrible social issue, will become less. It is not about 'going back,' but looking forward to a wonderful future---for all of New Zealand.