Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tofu and an airfryer---a marriage made in ----ah---my place!

I know----- you've sort of heard it all from me before---'he's got another toy from the online shops!' Yes, I brought an Airfryer and it's bloody good. I have tried some of the recipes that come with the package and yes, I changed them to suit my tastes and gave them a boost== that's what do! Yes, I have done the chicken, chips, fish and a few other delights. I will no doubt 'invent' many other recipes. here's one that will challenge even the 'haters' of tofu to change their minds about this healthy alternative t meat! CRUNCHY TOFU/ Buy some fresh firm tofu. Cut it into cubes and marinade it in almost anything. I used sesame oil mixed with balsamic vinegar, chilly flakes and soy sauce and topped it all up with water to cover. After and hour I drained it and stuck it in a plastic bag. Into the bag I shoved about two tablespoons of gluten free baking mix (you can use flour) and more sesame seeds and crushed nuts. I tossed it all; and then placed the tofu pieces on the wrack and cooked it in the Airfryer at 200C for twenty minutes. I took it out and shook it and gave it another ten minutes. Keep an eye on it and once it darkens (shake some oil and soy sauce into it) and feels crunchy on the outside, it's ready. If you still don't like the result---you are indeed lost to your boring old same as, same as way of living! Oh well--one can't pleased everybody. I am sure the characters in Roskill, would love it!

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