Monday, July 11, 2016

Talk back radio---wow---thank God-the callers aren't running the country---maybe they are!

I often listen to Talk Back radio---Call it 'research,' if you like--or 'punishment,' if you feel like it. Maybe the callers represent 'Middle New Zealand,' that possibly large segment of society that exists 'out there,' silently (Well, not if they are calling in!) suffering the 'impositions' of our elected politicians or the 'perceived threats, that are apparently 'coming to NZ to take over, to impose Sharia law---the list goes on. Some of the 'callers today, may be spurred on by their understanding of what is happening in the USA----you k now---that country that 'have guns, will use, and is at war with itself!' Oops--I am getting ahead of myself. Let's bring it back to NZ. One would think that the many views, as expressed on radio talk back, yeah a bit like "As Seen ON TV,' minus the nice package that arrives on your doorstep, to be stored in the garage for a Trade Me sale, later on! Yes the views expressed are a range of the kooky, the sublime, the take the piss and the occasional gem!I see talk back as entertainment and I know---that will be seen as arrogant, but if you listen to enough of it, it is either that stance or one where you become hot under the collar. Bottom line---- to the the radio stations, it is ABOUT making money: nothing more, nothing less! Yeah I know, some of you see the programmes as a 'mouthpiece of the incumbent Government'---the radio stations merely lackeys for the former. OK---I love to take the piss. Wanna know what I mean? Then----go to my website and download my book Talk To Me.' If you want to take it seriously and get back to me with enlightened arguments as to the 'falseness of my 'story,' then go for it.Go to the site and follow the links for the download---it will cost you stuff all and you may suffer form a few giggles or outright---rage! Your choice. Oh---while you are at it---download ROSKILL Right ---get busy and start downloading and sharing my post. Who's that girl in the picture? Why---she's the STAR of Talk To Me.